Great service

I probably should not put this on here as its advertising.
However I must state that I have no financial gain nor does the chap know that i am writeing this.
But if a running outlet gives exceptional service and great support wheather I spend cash or not then I feel it only fair to let everyone know.
The outlet in question is a shop called runneround to be found at Malvern Link, Worcester.
I suspect every one that lives around here has been there.
I dont go that often, sometimes i will go just to talk running.
Allways happy and very very helpfull and has lots of ideas and advice perfect for a novice.
Sorry if this offends but if i get good service I like to let people know. To many shops are impersonnel or just a fashion statement.


  • I went there when visiting family in Worcester, and agree totally. It's worth the 70 mile drive just to get such good advice. I had my gait ananlysed there and bought my first pair of proper running shoes there before Race for Life last year. They asked me about my mileage which was at the time very low and still treated me like a real runner.
    Tip Top Shop!
  • On the contrary, Dave - you SHOULD post stuff like this. Just as you should whinge about poor service.

    So the rest of us know who deserves our shekels, and who doesn't.
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