all going a bit pear shaped!

morning everyone,

as a virgin marathon/FLM'er i'm not familiar with the support thing.

After only recently deciding i could do FLM, due to various injuries that have thrown any real training plan out of the window, i managed to lose the form for picking up race number, Doh!!!!!, got another one on the way, with race number on it, but i've probably left it all to late have i, to join a support group? It's been a long road to get even this far, but i've managed to raise a reasonable amount of sponsorship for the british heart foundation, so i will be wearing one of their bright red 'heart runners' vests. I'll also have my 'mad tortoise on a motorbike' logo, front and back with 'need for speed' around it, and on the front also, above number will read, 'ANOTHER DAVE'
I wouldn't expect any refreshment/food at this late stage, but a cheer of encouragement from any forumites would be really welcome.

All the best, and good luck everyone, runners and supporters.


  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    NFS, sorry that you have had such a difficult time in the run up to FLM. As you say, you are too late to be assigned to a support group if you had wanted anything specific like gin or a tuna sandwhich (yes, they have both been requested) but anyone will be welcome to pop by for a few sweeties, a hug and a cheer.
  • morning to every one,looking forward to this year(not as much as i was last year!!!!) had flu at christmas which set my training back but have managed to catch up,went out on mothers day and ran my long run of 20 miles-chuffed to bits that i did it coz boy was it lonely!!!!!!
    whats the thing about "dave"? last year all i seemed to hear was people cheering for dave,i've been thinking......for a bit of extra support i might get "dave" printed on my shirt!
    good luck to every one and enjoy,its a great day!!!!!
  • why is it that the only name i seemed to hear last year whilst running the marathon was "dave" ???????? think i'm going to get "dave" printed on my shirt for extra support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • NFS- I'll look out for you if I remember! What sort of time are you expecting? Good luck!
  • moomoo
    thanks, i'll look out for you too, i'm expecting to get in around 4.15-4.30, so should be around mile 17 at about 2.35-2.40ish, all the best,

    us dave's are just soooooo common!, could also be something to do with David bedford and the 118-118 pi** take/lookalike thing?
  • I think it's because in the late 60s and early 70's, "David" was top of the boy's name chart for about 10 years, and now all those wee Davids are prime FLM age "Dave"s.

    I should know. I'm one of them!! Yep - another Dave!
  • Blackers

    s'pose we can all pretend all the shouts are for us then, can't be bad!

    I'm an older vintage than late 60's and early 70's though, was also popular in late 50's and early 60's

    ............yeah i know i'm an old git!

  • n f s

    Waaaaabit popped into the Group 7 thread this morning and said she ins't actually running on Sunday . . there had been a misunderstanding . .

    so they have one less runner now . . why don't you pop into their thread and ask if you could join?

    if you're not too demanding (ie don't ask for a helicopter or anything mega like that) I'm sure they'll welcome you :)

  • RichK

    thanks, i'll give them a try.
  • Oh Richard your my hero ;-)


  • Nicko!!

    I didn't know you cared!!

  • n f s
    you said "us daves are so common" funny you should say that coz i know ssooooooo many daves!!!! but then again i should be careful when talking about names with a name like mine!!!!!! and can you guess where i live????
    wish you loads of luck for sunday
  • tracy

    loads of luck to you to, what are you wearing, i'll look out for you, i havn't guessed where you live, but it is only and i'm a bit sleepy after working 12 hours yesterday.
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