Hi all,

I have only recently taken up running - since Dec 05 - and as a type II diabetic wondered if anyone knew what the best way to prepare for a run is? I keep reading about carb loading and these sport drinks, but I'm not sure if that also applies to us diabetics. I'm sorry if this question has been asked & answered before ;-) I'm just so overwhelmed with all the information on the site & every time I try to search I get an error. I wondered if any one out there might be able to help?

Traicey :-)


  • You're right - this question comes up every once in a while but don't worry about it. We usually find something new or get someone else's ideas and advice every time.

    I'm type 1 and have been running for a couple of years. I find it really helps my control and I don't have to worry nearly as much about what I eat if I keep myself fit.

    My advice is to find what works for you. For instance I use an energy drink mixed to my own strength to keep my blood sugar from falling too far. I settled on this by being scientific about it and using a blood glucose meter to try different things and seeing what worked.

    These sites are a good place to start-

    Diabetes UK
    Running with Diabetes - I like this one despite the US terminology (especially principal #10)

    Hope this helps.

  • I'm a type II diabetic.

    Running is one of the very best things you can do for type II. The "running with diabetes" link that Mash posted above is definitely a good one.

    There are a lot more details you could give, if you want, like how long you run for, what tablets or medication you are on, how your blood glucose normally is, whether you are overweight, how you test, what time of day you run, and so on.

    I personally don't find I need to eat before running. I eat immediately afterwards, and for runs longer than say 90 mins, I use a sports drink or carb gel during running. In any case, I tend to carry glucose for emergencies, but never have to use it.

    But depending on your diabetes and your medication, you may or may not need to take some carbs before running. The best thing is to experiment, and do plenty of blood testing before during and after until you feel you know what's going on.
  • Mash, MikeFrog

    thanks for the advice, I have only got my internet connection now so sorry for the late reply.

    In response to your queries Mike Frog:
    I take Metformin, I do two long runs a week - between 45 and 60 mins - and then between 20 & 30 minutes on other days. I am not overweight and run in the evenings generally.

    T :-)
  • hi traicey
    you shouldnt need sports drink for runs of that length
    water would be fine

    and you shouldnt get hypos with metformin
  • Hi all,

    thanks for the advice, much appreciated.
  • Hi there thanks for links Ive just been given the good news too. Type 2 no symptoms found out 4 hours before start of Tromso Marathon on a free test done by Norwegians. Cant complain no problems running 3 hours plus finished Tromso in 3:35. 1 metformin tab a day as from Wednesday 01/08/12

  • Hi Track - been keeping a log of BGL over short runs, long runs and forest track bike rides. I've noted carb intake on each and hoe the info might prove useful for you and other T2s : http://tentsmuir.wordpress.com/2012/08/08/running-v-cycling-the-blood-glucose-experiment/

  • Hi there late update after 6 months it was confirmed as late onset type 1. I take one metformin tablet before bed along with 5 units of insulin. In the morning I take 1 sitagliptin tablet after breakfast. This tends to keep my blood sugars in sync.

  • VDOT52VDOT52 ✭✭✭
    Look up the website of Team Blood Glucose, some parkrun friends are type2 and they have found it to be invaluable.

    Good luck.
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