Avoiding Getting 'Footballers Thighs'

Hi all,
Since I've been running, my legs - instead of getting thinner, are getting bigger! Now, I know that it's muscle and not fat, but I just do not like it! Being only tiny (5'), and having quite a small frame - they do not suit my body!! I'm after Geri Halliwell type thighs/calves - which, I know, may only be attainable through surgery!!! Anyway, just wondered if anyone had any tips to avoid my looking like a footballer!! Thanks.
Michelle x


  • Unfortunately Michelle the sport you've decided to take part in builds those areas of your body. I'm not sure if there's anything that will stop them becoming muscled. Just be proud to have well toned pins!

    I also have well difined muscles in my legs, I find buying knee length boots a pain as I can very rarely find any to go over my calves. But I'd rather them this way than skinny or overweight.

    Sorry this isn't much help to you!
  • Please do not aspire to look like Geri Halliwell who's always just one yoga session away from some eating disorder or other, I'm sure you're already much more gorgeous and look nothing like a footballer. As Hilly says, be proud of your legs with their well defined muscles; you might find doing some upper body work makes you more proportioned (I keep meaning to do this but lack motivation to get into weights).
  • Actually Michelle, strictly speaking running won't give you footballer's thighs, since the main leg muscles it develops are the hamstrings and the calf muscles, rather than the quads which are characteristic of footie players and cyclists.

    And speaking from an aesthetic point of view, far sooner a female runner's legs than Geri's any day. Look at Paula Radclife! keep on running. s.
  • Thanks everyone.. I am doing upper body weights too, to try & look more balanced! But you're all right - better to be muscled and healthy, than skinny & ill..!! Thanks for the advice.
    Michelle x
  • Whenever I see a picture of Geri, I just want to cook a huge dinner and feed it to her! I'd much rather look powerful, which is not only healthy, but damn sexy too.
  • I'm a bloke, and to be honest I'm not too sure why I'm reading your thoughts on footballers thighs, but please, give poor Geri a break. She's basically got the body of a toned distance runner nowdays - so she might well have an eating disorder, but she's not necessarily unhealthy.

    On the subject of the footballers thighs, well, some girl footballers look damn sexy!
  • Being a bloke too I can say that though she's not my type, she is pretty fit (though a bit to boyish for me).

    We don't know if she has a real eating disorder anyway so we should give her a break. Even if she says she has one we should really take it with a pinch of salt as knowing a little about media etc she'll get attention to herself in any way she can.

    I suppose it's better than admitting to being an alcholic or having a drug addiction.

    Onto Michelle, if your legs are really like footballers legs then more milage is the key and don't do any form of weight training on the legs. The extra milage will burn extra fat which will make your legs slimmer and any exess muscle will be broken down for fuel also so don't think extra miles means extra muscle.

    Good luck,

  • Sorry guys but Geri is absolutely fair game in my book being as she is totally obsessed with media attention. Why should we give her a break? She's always waxing on about her eating and exercise regimes herself, she'd probably be pleased to know she's being quoted on the RW forum.
  • Thats whatI meant by giving he a break. She likes the attention either way, good or bad.

  • Hi all,
    Again thanks for your thoughts and advice.
    Craig - I will definitely give that a go - I will up my mileage and cut down on the weight-training on my legs (cos I've been doing that too!)... ooh shouldn't have mentioned Geri should I...!!! Just for the record - I think she is media-crazy, but I can't help liking her! On that plastic surgery documentary that was running a few weeks ago, they said that she's had £10,000 worth of cosmetic surgery to get that body! I dunno if I believe that.. she just looks like she trains pretty damn hard to me!! Thanks again all.
    Michelle x
  • Mowgli - I played footy for many years for club and uni and am owner of a pair of footballers' thighs!!!
  • Let me know when you're a fully mature sheep lamb - I've got wellies!
  • Oh boy - what I wouldn't give to get my hands on some real footballers thighs.....
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