Sweat-proof suncream

Can anybody recommend a good, sweat-proof, high-factor suncream?

I've tried P20 but it seems to rub off to easily and I'd rather not finish the race looking like a piebald lobster! ;-)




  • Try Ambre Solaire Men 20 or 30 - comes in either a non-greasy gel or a spray. They're designed for sport in the sun apparently. Both smell a bit like Lynx (i.e. quite strong boy-ish fragrance) which is a problem if you're a girl (and I did mention this to the manager at Boots who couldn't really have cared less)but it's good stuff other than that.
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    I used a F40 stick, Tesco own brand

    it's not a runny cream, it's more solid than that - it comes in a stick - and it doesn't seem to run off

    only prob is, it's not much bigger than a lipstick so it'd take ages to put it all over (I just used it on my face/neck)

    I used Tesco F30 all over but it did run

    sorry, not a huge help
  • P20 shouldn't "rub off"!! it's absorbed into the skin - are you sure you were putting it on long enough in advance??? the instructions say apply 90 mins before going in the sun to allow it to "bond" in but an hour is usually sufficent.....

    try the solvent free alternative - Ultrasun - works in the same way but doesn't stain like P20. it saw me through an Ironman event in temps over 30C and full sun all day with one application before the start - and no sunburn unlike many others who suffered pretty badly........
  • I think I might pack some sunscreen this year.

    I looked think the Singing-Sodding-Detective for a week after last year's FLM.

    Mind you, I do remember the derisive scoffs at Blue start as the announcer said we should put our sunscreen on. There was no indication that it was going to be warm whatsoever!
  • Thanks for the advice. I've picked up some Ambre Solaire 20 and will see how that goes.
    I'm still hoping that the sun doesn't come out until about 3PM...
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