Bolton 10K


I have heard that this run is fairly "hilly" so I was hoping to get some tips on running on such a course.

I normally train on flat surfaces and am keen to get any tips that may help me running on steep climbs and descents.

I tend to shorten my stride when climbing but by doing this I find I am slowing down and losing time.

Many thanks in advance



  • I find you really need to train on hills.
    Running up - shorten stride, concentrate on picking up your knees, rather than pushing.
    Running down lean slightly forward, again pick the knees up and try for a smooth action.
  • I completed the race in 45m 25 which I was very pleased with. I wasnt really expecting to finish in any particualar time because I was using it as a practice run for the Manchester 10k.

    The course was very hilly - especially the climb at the 7k mark. I thoroughly enjoyed it though and was happy we got some nice weather!

    I took your advice regarding lifting my knees and I noticed that I was taking longer strides and maintaining the pace as a result. Previously - by taking smaller steps I was slowing down and losing time.

    Many thanks for your advice!
  • Well done!
    I am glad you found the words of wisdom usefull.
    I have just done London and it hurt, great atmosphere, but you are constantly getting in each others way, and trying to trip each other up.
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