Why does my bottom hurt !!

I started running again at the start of last year, since then have completed a couple of 5Ks, 10K and Half Marathon and have a few more runs organised for the rest of the year.

When I started back I was concerend about my knees but thankfully they have been holding out well.

My problem is with the left side of my bum, it doesnt hurt when i run but there is a constant niggle when I am sitting. It's not as if it's extremely painful, so hav'nt spoken to my GP about it, but is a pain !!

Anyone got any ideas ??


  • Is it right at the top of your leg? Could be the deep muscle at the top of your hamstring - I pulled this abit a few years ago striding up some long shallow steps too quickly, and it was really sore when I sat down, but fine at other times. It did go away in time.
  • There is a good stretch in the stretching guide in the quicklinks. In the deeper stretches bit, you sit cross-legged and lean forward, your thighs are parallel to each other though, not pointing out to the side. Gives a good stretch in the base of the buttock.

    TT ;0)
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