Is the chicago going to be on tv

Any of you informed people out there know if the beeb or sky are televising chicago live seeing as paula,s in it and the womans world record is in her grasp it would be great to see it.
Dave 1983


  • I hope so, it's one I would love to watch. They show Boston, so they may do.
  • They must show Paul winning it. Surely it would be missing a great British moment in sport if they don't.
  • and as she's surely a dead cert for sports personality of the year, how could they NOT show it.......!
  • It has got to be better than the Crystal Palace meet last night! All the plans for world records (Szabo and El Guerrouj) went out the window, as the runners went for safety. Dear Dwain delivered, though.

    Must be fair, though. It's near the end of season, and there have been a lot of high level events.

    But if Paula does try for the record in Chicago, we know she'll give it 100% effort.

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