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Having knackered my foot a bit recently and had to cut down running I've started swimming again to make up some of the exercise I'm losing out on. I've been looking at calorie calculators (via Google) to try to work out how much less energy I'm using than when I was running properly, but having tried 3 and come back with scores of 225, 445 and 627 calories (for 40 mins or 1000m swimming depending on what they asked), I'm not really any better off.

I'm not very good at swimming and can only do breaststroke, which wasn't an option on the ones that had a choice of strokes, and am about 105kg in case that helps.

Anyone know of a decent calorie calculator for swimming, or even a way of working it out that might make some sense? I would be very grateful


  • why not try cycling instead - will burn more cals that way and is also non-impact......

    or - if you need the pool instead - try aquarobics??
  • FB - as you may have noticed from the MTB thread earlier, I don't currently have anything to cycle on. I am planning to get a bike but will probably not be until the end of May, so its swimming for the moment. They do a circuit training class at the leisure centre I swim at which I quite fancy but its on an awkward day.

    so how do I calculate my calorie expenditure in aquarobics? ;-)
  • ah yes - Loki - forgot........

    and - no idea!!!
  • and cheers, which the pixies seem to have deleted from the beginning of that post
  • Not much help but you could buy a HRM that counts calories.

    I think you may be disappointed though, it's tough to get the heart rate up swmimming. Swimming breaststroke I dont burn any more calories than an easy walk.

    Also you can register for a free three day trial on weightlossresources.co.uk. They have an exercise database that calculates calories based on your gender, weight etc.
  • Cheers Firestar, but you haven't seen me swimming, I'm not exactly efficient or smooth in any way whatsoever. ;-)

    I definitely feel more knackered after 40 minutes swimming than after 40 minutes running, but obviously I'm not supporting my bodyweight etc. I realise its not going to be close to what I'd burn running, I'd just like to know exactly how not close.

    I don't know if I'd want to wear my garmin in the pool - are most HRMs waterproof enough to swim with or do you need specific ones?
  • They are usually waterproof enough to wear swimming, you just aren't allowed to press the buttons underwater.
  • Hmm, then all I have to worry about is the chlorine dissolving the straps and the other people giving me funny looks (and I'm pretty used to the latter)
  • http://www.primusweb.com/cgi-bin/fpc/actcalc.pl

    This is a very thorough, but slightly random calorie calculator. I'm not sure what happens if you run cross country at different paces, but at least I now know how many calories a police offiver burns while making an arrest, as well as how many I burn when grooming my horse and washing my dog.
  • er, or even officer
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