Reigate Priory Summer 10K



  • Gatton park will be agood one. I went to school there!
    Maybe I should come all the way from Wales to do it!
    Is it cross country or on the roads?
  • Bertie were you in a Fetch shirt?
  • Yes Tiger I was...............!!!!

    Rather bright wasnt it!
  • I'm away on 23/7 PB. Most of my weekends are prebooked now till Sept. Which is why midweek racing appeals.

    RF - The Gatton one is, apparently, very hilly and somewhat off road: jumping over tree stumps and up the North Downs Way, that sort of thing.
  • Sounds like it is round the old cross country course then!
    I remember it being horrible and I dont think I ever completed it the whole time I was there!
  • Yikes!
  • But I was a fat little kid who hated running. Would probably love it now. In fact whenever I get to visit there again I am going to take my kit and run it!
    Just have to hope the route is obvious or I could be lost in the woods forever as I dont know my way round the course lol
    If I could remember it after lots and lots of years away
  • Race Photos are up and ready online at
    Well done everyone !
  • Blimmy the camerman must gave liked my shirt.........there are 12!!! pics of me.

    Oh dear i sooooo need to loose weight though!
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