I recently picked up a pair of Asics Gel 1070 in the US. I love Asics and currently run gel cumulus. The 1070 are described as for mild pronators (which apparently everyone does to a certain degree) Is it OK to use the 1070 and will i notice any difference when running in them ?? I am doing London and run at the moment 40/45 miles a week. Tony.


  • Tony

    Icertainly hope you do pronate. Its normal to do so

  • Tony , did you mean slighty OVER pronate ?
  • The description for the Gel 1070 is as follows - "Provides the moderate pronator with a balanced package of cushioning and stability".
    As a neutral runner i am assuming these shoes will be OK for me.
  • Tony - I didn't get on with the 1070s and found a good home for them with a forumite who's a neutral marathon runner. She loves them.
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