doing a 20 miler tomorrow

whats the best drink/ energy gel to take bearing in mind i only drank water before last weeks 18 miler i felt really strange after 17 thanks for any replies


  • it's horses for courses i'm afraid

    lucozade is the easiest to get hold of, but some people find the orange flavour a bit strong, so try lemon or mixed berry.

    2 x 500ml should do it, provided you have a good breakfast a couple of hours before you set off.

  • thanks for that candy
  • I use power bar energy drink as it has no artifical sweeteners and BCAAs which (may) prevent muscle breakdown.

    I take a 750ml bottle and if its a long run and/or I know I may be low on energy I strap a gel or two to the bottle with a couple of thick elastic bands.

    It is the use of sweeteners that makes Lucosade sport so grim. What is the point of sweeteners in a drink that is full of sugar? The world is going mad I tell you! Made for chavs, not athletes...
  • nothing prevents muscle breakdown. gluconeogenesis hits your intracellular amino acid pool first, so glutamine (and maybe taurine) supplementation may stop that hitting you too hard. if it wants to hit your muscles, it will, but that's secondary.

    BCAAs may prevent fatigue during very long runs, but due to tryptophan chemistry in your brain. full range amino straight after a run can reverse (and overcompensate) for the muscle breakdown.


    the pedant
  • _full range amino ACIDS TAKEN straight after_
  • when and how much .. ive heard its best taken on early rather than later
  • when what??
  • when in the run??

    err, during

    say between mile 3 and mile 15, steadily

    then maybe take a few jelly babies along in case you still get hungry later
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