Message for Coops

Coops - I'm sure it won't have escaped your notice that there are now only two automatic promotion places left from Division 2. What chances N'ton joining us? Yourselves and Grimsby are probably the pick of the teams still in contention. Think you'll do it?


  • Frankly my dear, i don't give a sh*t!!!
  • Millsy- you shall! :D
  • Our target next season has to be mid-table mediocrity. If Crewe and one or two others thrash us on the way, I'm not too concerned................As long as it doesn't happen every week!
  • Millsy, congratulations mate - looks like your 2 last minute goals in 2 weeks have sealed the title as well. Otherwise the mighty Town would have given you a run.

    We'll be following you on Saturday, only a win, or anything other than a Leyton Orient win will see us up (we've got Chester who are pants).

    Went to Oxford Saturday - easy win - they are awful. 4,000 away fans - not bad for League 2 eh?
  • I reckon you should be fine on Saturday - we put five past them, and it could have been more.

    The title should be ours - with three games to go against Torquay, Rochdale and Stockport you wouldn't bet aginst us. Anyway come August we all start with nil points again so not winning the title isn't a disaster for N'ton. We still laugh about last season in the conference when Barnet goaded us about their success. He who laughs last, and all that!

    Pity about Wycombe. I thought they were a good side despite beating us in the last minute, and people in these parts still have a very high regard for John Gorman. still I'd rather it was us than them.

    Good luck for Saturday - nearly there!
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