Sale at girlsruntoo

Someone recommended this website to me a few months ago and I got a gorgeous running top within a few days of ordering. There's a sale at the moment:


  • Ta Laura!

    You can never have enought kit! (Especially after what I read on the 'smelly kit' thread; obviously there are some individuals on this forum who need to chuck out their RECYCLED, UNWASHED kit and start again!

    I'm a Sweatshop addict - go there nearly every weekend.


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Oh, thank you VERY much!!

    My bank balance had just about recovered from my holidays.....................
  • Hi Laura,

    Yep, they have lovely kit and the service is great too! I'd just been waiting for the "new" Insport product to arrive so the old model is on sale but the new style looks tempting too!
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