My tips for new runners.

Having been a runner for about 3 years,I thought i could impart some advice on new runners,only you can tell me wether it is good advice,so here goes.

1.Start very slowly.
My own running career started with a run and walk session of a foolish 1 hour and 25 minutes and ended with me lying on my bed for the next 2 hours in agony.The next day i did the same only this time i was put out of action for the next 5 please take things very slowly to start with,10 mins of run,walk for the first week are all you as many times as you feel able.
2.Dont follow a schedule,judge how you feel.
Our lives are not judged by a schedule and nor should your running be.I have never followed a schedule and at the moment i am training for a marathon which is 7 days away.Whenever i finish a run,i see how i feel and then i'll have a thought about the next days running.whether my way works better i dont know,i'll find out next sunday.
3.Good shoes make all the difference.
When i started running i did it in an old pair of trainers,and i could feel my feet pounding on the concrete.The first pair of running shoes i bought only a few months ago,from a running shop and i can tell you proffesional knowledge makes all the difference.I must have tried on about 20 pairs of trainers,got instructed to run about 50 metres in each pair,while my foot type was analysed and i came away with a pair of shoes that i could hardly feel on my feet and the right size.
4.Rest is vital.
I always try to run for 5 days a week and i feel that 2 days rest is vital for me to recover,no matter what event i'm training for.I work 38 hours a week so i feel i need a few days off to look after the rest of my life.

thats all i'll write at the moment.i hope its been of some use.I started running because i read that running reduces stress and at the time my mother was recovering from breast cancer.running made me think about that and made things a lot clearer.running now has developed into a big part of my life and i try to think about the more technical aspects of running and try to be more professional about it now.the marathon i am doing next sunday is for breast cancer.and that is another reason for me to run,so that i can help others.

Please dont give up your running careers if something goes wrong in the first few days,It will take months to improve even small amounts but the feeling you get after the first race has been run and you did well is very special.
Good Luck.
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