Oops...sense of humour failure at expo

It was only a little joke about the cover of the mag

(hope I haven't said too much already)


  • really Trin

    you didnt ask for Hollywoods cover with me on it
  • Trin were you been mean about the latest issue by any chance ?
  • what with the scary radcliff picture ?

    I cant even look at the cover I took it off
  • Embarrasing isn't it ,world class runner made to look silly
  • I still say that it's not St P.. we even had a pic of her next to the cover pic to compare and it convinced me even more.

    The lady representative on this particular stand (still not mentioning which one), who incidently had brown curly hair ;) just gave me a stern blank stare as I jovially asked where they dragged that pic up from...

    T... or it could be R...but then again...
  • I reckon that's Kingston Bridge in the background, or possibly Richmond

  • never mind lookin' out the window ;)

    I know it's not Tower Bridge if that's any help?

  • Can I just say I thought the RW goody bag was brill and well worth a tenner !
  • absolutely mercs...I agree :)

    Moi? Trying to redeem myself? Nooooo ;)
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