Anyone ever been hit by a car while out running



  • Thanks Hanneke, hopefully it's all healed now, both him and I are getting a bit fed up of him being on box rest!

    Pretty shocked by the sound of this woman's driving - do you know if she had a horse on board? Feel sorry for it if she had, "gunning the engine" and "swerving" is not really going to give the poor thing a comfortable ride :-/
  • Buckaroo, go for it. I'm with you all the way, and with your reasoning.

    now - a more worrying aspect of this discussion is that an intelligent and well-educated law student spelt "mightn't" as "mitant"...

  • Im glad you said that Jj

    Good luck guys
  • blimeythatsbendy brings a new meaning to the phrase ' P*** OFF !'

  • Fell running - did you get compensation for the sheep?
  • I got hit once, like you by a 4x4. The driver was prosecuted for dangerous driving and got a two year ban. My case was much easier than yours - I was running across a traffic light crossing (with a green man and everything) when some mad woman accelerated her Range Rover into me. I ended up with a lot of bruising and several cracked ribs. Apparently she had seen a parking space further up the road and was so desperate to park she ignored the red light and pedestrian! To make life even easier the whole thing was caught by a police camera unit coming the other way.
  • Robert, sounds fairly similar to mine. Did you get compensation? I am hoping the man that hit me gets at least a 2 year ban, the man is lethal on the road!
  • I got hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing I was wearing a flourescent top!The driver said he didn't see me !Then started blaming me for everything so I just dived onto his bonnet made quite a dent and dared him to call the Police - surprisingly I heard nothing :-)
  • Nigel

    Yes I did. I actually felt slightly sorry for the motorcylist, and had she not made a claim against my insurance I would probably have cursed the idiot that left the gate open and left it at that. Sheep are notoriously careless pedestrians, and frankly I'm suprised I don't lose more (they spend at least part of the year grazing on common land thats unfenced next to a road).
  • FR,

    The motocyclist would have told her insurance company, who would have paid, though she may have paid more by the way of increased premiums later.
  • Oh yes She would have had to claim on her own insurance, the bike was very badly damaged (a fully grown ewe can do an awful lot of damage), and she was lucky not to be badly hurt. I was sympathetic because she was genuinely distressed about killing the sheep.

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