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I'd like to buy a basic, low priced sports watch, specifically from Argos because there's one near me. However, because you catch look at them before buying, I was wondering if anyone has ever bought a watch from them, and if so, can you recommend it?



  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    I used to work for argos, so wanted to let you know, you can look at the stuff before you buy them, and can return them if you don't like them. Its usually the jewellery counter where you can look at the watches, have a few brought out and test them all out to see what they can do.
    I cant remember any of the watches standing out as having anything other than the basic stopwatch and time, but to be fair I didn't usually work in that department.
  • Argos do the Timex Triathlon 8 Lap watch - It's a basic watch but has all you need to start with (stopwatch, timer,alarm,lap counter,night light etc). I bought one years ago but they still do them, think there about £15
  • Timex Ironman Triathalon Watch.
    Price £24.99
    Cat.No. 251/7797

    I think I paid over £30 for this watch at the Expo last year. Good enough for me - I use the Timer function to beep at set intervals so I know what my pace is like in races.

    I guess it could give you mile splits if you wanted - it says its a 30 lap timer, but never really understood the usefulness of that.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    A 30 lap timer is good if you want to take your mile splits in a marathon. Mine has an 8 lap timer, so I have to do 2 mile splits in a half marathon, and just remember the first or last two Ks in a 10K.

    Worth paying a few quid extra for the 30 lap one, in my mind.

    Check some of the ads in RW before you buy, as there are usually some of the Timex ones (even the 30 lap) for £15.
  • Cougie, same shoes, same watch!!

    Hildegard, one more thing. Don't get a watch that has the lap timer button next to the stop button. Easy to press the wrong one in a race. Very annoying.

  • And if my theory is right - is that pic from Corx ? We have the same games !

    Bought it for Mrs Cougie for Xmas (hang the expense - that's my motto) - Not played it yet though.

    Getting spooky here - I thought it was H. that was meant to be stalking me !

    I do like the Timex though, very user friendly, but never used lap functions yet.
  • Hildy, I've got a Timex Ironman that you can have if you want - totally unused. But That said, the reason it's unused is cos it's way too bulky for my skinny wrists, so if you're a typical girlie runner, then you might be better off with a women's watch. But if size is no object, then drop me an email and I'll send it to you.
  • Cougie, you've got me there. What is Corx?
  • Oh, thought that was where you got your piccy from. It's a game, involving, er , corks. You can get it from
  • It's the Fat Face Clothing Company logo.
  • Agreed - the Timex 30-lapper is the bee's knees. I went for the fabric strap version, and it's ace. I guess the more serious runners wouldn't like the fact that the interval timer only does one interval (er, by which I mean repeats of the same interval rather than, say, 30sec/10sec/30sec/10sec etc), but that doesn't worry me.
  • I wish I had gone for the 2 interval timer model.
  • I bought a Timex 50 lap one from Up and Running over the phone for £19.95 and it arrived the next day. It does everything I need and it can do more splits than I'll ever want.
  • I would go for the 30 lapper - I got the 8 and regret it. Depends on whether you like taking mile splits in races or not. Similarly one that does different intervals - or 2 at least - would have been useful so you can do things like 4 minutes with one recovery etc. I find the fabric strap really comfy but it is quite a big watch so some women may find it bulky possibly.
  • Thanks for all the suggestions. Looks like a 30 lapper is best. And thanks for the offer Monise, but I think I'd need a women's watch, as I'm a tall-and-thin type build.

    I've got the latest RW, so now I'll start scouring the pages. Oh yes, do watches generally come in a women's size as well as a men's?


    p.s. if I get a 30 lapper than I'll have to do a marathon. But what about Euro-marathons, where they use kilometres?!!
  • Ok, anyone out there with non famine victim wrists want a Timex Ironman (30 lap)?
  • For Euro marathons you need a 42 lap model! Another make to consider is Nike - they have nice big digits which are easy to read while on the move. Quite stylish as well. I've got the 120 lap model, and I can store loads of runs on that. They also do a 250 lap model, but I've never understood why you would need that many memories. Occasionally in the mags you see them on sale.

    The Timex is also a good choice, but chunky rather than svelte and sexy!
  • Hildegarde - I've just bought a ladies 30 lap timex from Natterjack for (I think) £17.99. It's big for a ladies watch but confortable enough for everyday use. Treated myself to some new kit off their sale bins too!
  • Ooh, excellent Loon. I'll check out Natterjack right away.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Monise - I'd love a 30 lap watch and could never be described as skinny. If you e-mail me on, we can sort something out.
  • Loon - detailed question here -

    Natterjack hasn't answered my email, so I was wondering if you would know. which watch did you get exactly? As I was wondering if the I-Control 30 Lap TM07 was for women. (I'm worried that the Unisex 30 Lap TU01 might be too big for my wrist.) Both are 17.99.

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