New shoes. USA?

I'm in the market for a new pair of running shoes, and will be popping over to the US for a couple of weeks later in Feb/March. Should I hold out till then to buy them, or is there no real benefit in doing so. If I buy new shoes, I'm more likely to run whilst I'm there. I imagine they'll be cheaper as well.


  • just bought two pair of Nike Tupu for £72 from American Website. That includes all the postage!!! so they must be well cheaper in America (especially Nike). Im looking at going to NY in June and will be taking an empty case for all the goodies Im going to buy.
  • I've bought shoes in the US in the past. There are certainly some good specialist running shops and, from memory, shoes were a little cheaper than in the UK (but not that much). Better bargains were to be had on running clothing.
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