I can't run properly because I have a massive blister on my right foot. It's located just under the left side of the arch of my right foot. It seems strange that I haven't got one on my left foot. I don't know whether it's the footwear I'm running in or the way I'm running, or maybe I have one leg longer than the other and I 'm putting more pressure on the right foot. I have fairly standard running shoes but I'm not very technical so I wouldn't know what type they are. Can anyone offer an explanation for why I'm getting blisters or what I should be doing to prevent them please?


  • If only I (and many other runners) knew....! Some suggestions on previous threads for causes and solutions have been:
    - shoes too loose
    - feet are not identical so that's why one is worse
    - try different socks
    - rub surgical spirit on your feet to toughen the skin
    - keep feet moisturised (yes, I know, that contradicts the surgical spirit one....I did warn you no-one knew the answers!!)
    - put micropore tape around your foot before running, so the tape not your skin gets the friction
    - put vaseline / Bodyglide / zinc cream on your feet before running to reduce friction

    so....take your pick! sorry I can't be more helpful!

    To sort out the current blister, I suggest you drain it (if it has not already popped) using a sterile needle (hold it in a flame for a couple of seconds). Then leave overnight to dry out a bit, and put a Compeed plaster on it. Compeed is some technical stuff that helps healing and helps prevent further blistering. You can get it in any chemist - just make sure you pick the right box, the plasters come in various sizes including "too tiny for a runners blister" :-)
  • Thanks for the advice. To be honest, I am a beginer so I expect blisters are just something I'm gonna have to get used to, but it does not me off a bit! I'll try the compeed blasters, think I've used one of those in the past.
  • Are you wearing X-socks?

    Emma - until the day I wore a pair of those (and I'm not knocking them as such - they just obviously didn't suit my feet; other people say they're the best brand to use) I'd never had a blister and I've not had one since, so don't think that running = blisters. :o)
  • Oh sorry, I didn't mean that all runners get blisters....just there are some of us that do....and there seems no consistent reason X-)

  • As Heckenhocker has said, I can recommed Surgical Spirt to harden the skin. Put a bit on some cotton wool and rub the skin gently for a few mins - daily to start with. Don't apply to broken skin - you don't want to get this into the blood. You will have to get it healed then start. Really cheap but was very effective for me. Also, Compeed plasters are EXCELLENT in my experience.
  • Thorlos are a brand of FAB double-skinned socks which, while being dead pricey for socks, are great for stopping blisters (and actually give a money-back guarantee that you wont get blisters while wearing them). I too get an instep blister, but only on my left, not right and have never really worked out why. But it only ever reccurs with regualr socks!

    Ps: I dont work for Thurlos, though it might sound like i do! : )
  • off to buy Thurlos's got to be cheaper than my Compeed habit :-)
  • What about those 1000 mile socks. are they any good? They are quite pricey too. What sort of high street shops can you buy them from or is it better to buy online?

    I've just about fixed the problem by purcasing some new saucony running shoes, which are excellent, but there's still some friction under my feet due to cheap socks
  • This could be over-pronation blistering, so make sure you are running in the right shoes. If you are using any kind of motion control shoe then as your foot lands the arch rubs against the 'support' part of the shoe.

    I suffer from this and always have - I generally run in Brooks Beast, although did try switching to Adidas motion control, but they were terrible.

    Things that I find help:
    Thorlos are about the only socks for me

    I use compeed plasters prior to a race or important long run, but I put them on about 36 hours before the run to let them set, and I always warm them up between my hands for a couple of minutes before putting them on - it helps them stick. If you put them on before a run then they just tend to fall off

    I used to put vaseline on my feet, but this rubbed off after a few miles. Compeed have brought out an 'anti-blister' stick which is a bit like a solid deodorant that you rub on your feet and seems to last longer than vaseline. You can get it from a decent sized Boots, it's with the foot stuff

    Running on a camber definately makes mine worse, so try to avoid heavily cambered roads/pavements, especially ones with a lot of drives cutting accross the pavement. Basically the camber accentuates the movement of the foot

    Whe I do get a blister I have a very sharp cuticle scissors that I use to snip the looses skin open - just a tiny cut of a few millimetres, enough to drain the fluid/blood. Make sure you get it all out, and then just put a small plaster over the snip for a few hours to keep it clean. This will help the skin to harden and speeds up healing.

    You have my sympathy, I hate my blisters but have just come to accept them. Every now and then I get a long run without a blister, generally when I can run on a flat surface (Hills are fine, as long as the running surface is level). For the FLM this year I used a couple of compeeds along with the stick thing and only got 1 blister about the size of a 5p.

    Finally, when draining a blister always make sure everything is clean by using surgical spirit and wipes. An infected blister can be *very* painful.
  • I have some very hard orthotics & I've found those stretchy figure of eight bandages are great for preventing arch blisters on 5-10k runs.
  • Had trouble with blisters when changed running shoes. Have found a pair now and run up to 18mls with no problem. Then doing a 9miler 4.5 miles in I got a blister. The only differance was a change of socks from cheap market ones to branded slightly thinner/silkier ones. Live n learn.
  • ad - which are you saying are better?

    My blisters are starting to bug me - have got them under both arches now from a treadmill run last night (wasn't wearing bandages) so will have to fork out for Compeed or special socks.

    Have also got a sore from where my Enell was rubbing (think one of the catches was bent out of shape & set it off) so not in the best shape!
  • Hello!

    Twas Adidas that Christened me with my forum name. Once I'd got a pair of shoes from another maker I was cured. Mostly.

    Surgical spirit. Keeps the area clean and avoids infection. Is also said to dry out the skin and harden it up. A bit.

    I used wrappings of micropore as a preventive measure.

    Never got on with Compeed.

    I can now deal with a blister in 24 - 48 hours and be training again. Burst it, with a big enough hole so that it won't reseal. I use small sterilised scissors. Apply elastoplast strip. This acts as a padding and soaks up fluid, yet allowing air in. It works for me.

    BTW I have happily worn shoes by Nike, Saucony, New Balance, Asics, Mizuno. I have even been tempted to reconsider Adidas, but not their clod hoppers.
  • Cheap market socks for me! The puma sports socks gave me the blister.
  • I got a blister like this the first couple of times i first ran in my 'proper' shoes.

    But after a few runs x 3 miles in more blisters!!!!

    I can only assume that my foot wasn't used to the support my shoes gave, and they rubbed for a while, but no problems at all since (with blisters toe nails now instead....if its not one thing its another!!!!)
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