Weight/Shoe Size

When I bought my first pair of 'proper'
shoes the guy in the shop said my weight wass too much on proportion to my shoe size.

I was too ashamed as afatty at the time to question this comment but it sticks with me as pretty bizzare.

Does it have something to do with the area of the outer sole spreading the impact load? If not .....?

Any body out there know? I feel I can ask with a 50 min 10km training run under my belt! Who's fat now eh!!!


  • Wierd!? As a fat guy, I have never had that said to me before. Mind you, I do take a size 22!!
  • i work in a specialist shop and i find that comment totally bizzare. how could someone say that, what if your skinny with big feet !! should you put weight on! what a load of rhubarb..
  • hhmmmm interesting thread. My big brother is about my height, several stone lighter and takes a size 6 shoe. I'm in a ten. I do wonder how he manages to stand up in the wind sometimes. (Then again, I have been known to trip over my own plates quite regularly!)
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