Sports Massage

I've got the 'Achey knee' syndrome and was wondering if a sports massage would benefit it. The knee has slowly got worse over the last few weeks and I last ran a week ago, with the knee feeling fine then but the next day it really ached.

If so does anyone know of a good sports massage place in Kent?



  • Don't know Kent so well but a great place to start is the local college. Ours does fantastic sports massages for a fiver. Can therefore get around six for the normal price of one......well worth it!
  • As well as a good massage you could always ice your knees after training as this will help to reduce swelling, inflammation and combat the pain. Apply for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Rob - I find massage of quads great for shifting lactic acid - and if I don't get it done often enough the knee goes because the lateral tight quad muscles overpower the vastus medialis and pull the knee cap out of alignment.

    Wish we had a college near here - sounds like a great idea
  • i've had thesame problem as shattered shins and have found that sports massage - whilst quite painful has helped - its amazing how much better it feels - also try the ice route that seems to help - boots do a gel pack which can be re frozen, had mine for years and couldn'r do without it
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