My Nike 10K update

Well after 1 week of pounding the tread mill I decided I better get outside , so I got an early night in and got up at had a brisk walk to the common where I then did a 20 minute run - no stopping. I'm so pleased with myself (I know to you lot thats not much but to me its a miracle)
Now I must go and have a shower before I dissolve into a puddle and then devour a big bowl of Alpen :)

Question tho - is Alpen healthy? And what should I be eating for breakfast after a run?


  • New to this site (and to running) but well done Gemini! - it's really different running outside after the treadmill and 20 minutes non-stop is brilliant. I only started in Feb.but managed the London Road Race (10k) in July and, like you am now signed up for the Nike 10k with a personal ambition to finish in under an hour...we'll see, I'm told Richmond has hills!!
    I went out this morning too and managed my usual 10k route in 63 minutes-so I'm getting there. This was the woman who couldn't run for a bus 6 months ago!.
    Alpen is yummy therefore must be healthy - I'm reliably informed that bananas are good too both pre and post run.
  • Well done with your run - 20 mins is great. Slowly increase only - there is no hurry.

    As for post run food they say a high carbo within half an hour is important and so is drinking to replace fluid loss - so thats much orange juice.
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