Motivation & Exhaustion

Hi all, been running for some time now and am quite happy on my own, going at my own pace etc. Have a Personal Trainer at my gym and last Tuesday had my usual 30 min session concentrating on legs - ouch!!!! She persuaded me to come to her running club that night - fool that I am, I did. "We go at the pace of the slowest" so they said - yeah right. Off they went like bullets, I struggled to keep up, watching them ever further in the distance. On our return I was totally and utterly exhausted. Felt completely demotivated and also felt like chucking the running shoes in the bin! Didn't but have felt so tired all the rest of the week.Having said that, they were all aged around 20/30 and me? I'm 60! Won't make that mistake again. Anyone else feel like that?


  • Susieq-moderator will not accept how I'd like to describe the people you ran with at the gym!

    However, from experience I can strongly advise findng the right running club and running with them. It's improved my running and given me some very good friends.
  • shop around for running clubs the bigger the adult membership the more like you are to find people of your pace
  • sounds like you got a bum deal I joined a running club prior to FLM and when I arrived it was there 5k winter time trial the whole gang were really supportive and as they were all trying to get PB's after they finshed a few ran out to find me !!! and were really nice Thanks guys and gals !
  • Thanks everyone for your input.Much appreciated. I note what you all say about still joining a running club - we'll see -certainly at the moment, I don't feel like it as I have no desire whatsoever to feel guilty that anyone has to stay behind to wait for me!!!! At least by myself, I can go at my own pace and no-one but me feels guilty!!!!!!
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Susie, if you find the right club then there will be peeps who run at around your pace anyway, so no need to feel guilty at the thought of someone waiting for you. Just sounds like this club wasn't right for you - it's pretty unforgivable to run off and leave anyone on their own, particularly a laydee.
  • Johnny J, is this really the place for such a message? Don't you think it would better be suited to the noticeboard at your local community centre?
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