Brussells Marathon.

Thinking of doing this in August?

Has anyone run before? For a flat country it's meant to have a couple of big hills.


  • I would be interested in doing this one too- on my 40th birthday so it would be my first event as a vet. It has only been on the calendar for a few years after quite a few years absence. From the website apparently it is quite hilly. Not sure if there will be many out there who have done this. Doesn't stop us doing it of course.
  • Yep - the website makews it sound like it has two climbs.

    Would be nice to know what they are like, short but steep, mild but long etc.
  • Just bringing this one up to see if there is any more interest out there. I'm still up for this- but there's the small matter of the Edinburgh Marathon to get over first- in 3 weeks time.

    Btw it's on the 27th August.
  • Am up for this one too...heard that its fairly flat, the 'climbs' from what I've heard are not severe
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