Blisters in my Arches

I've been running in Saucony Jazz 6000s for several years (not the same pair!!) and thought it was time for an upgrade. I trust the brand after all this time so I've bought some Grid Jazz X running shoes. My problem is that after about three miles I develop blisters under my arches - anyone got any ideas how to stop this? I use 1000 Mile double layered socks which claim to guarantee blister free running but they don't help.

Please help - the blisters are agony right now.


  • I used to use 100 mile socks but peeps on this forum persuaded me otherwise. I converted to X-Socks: quite expensive but don't drop to bits like 100 mile socks. Fewer arch blisters too.

    However, I do still get arch-blisters, esp on a pair of new trainers (I wear Asics Kayanos). To be honest, pre-run, I just put sticking plaster (the cuttable-up to any size you want type) over the potential affilicted area, socks over the top of that: no problem.
  • I'll give the plasters a try then and move away from the 1000 milers too.

  • i know exactly how painful and annoying blisters on your arches are. my solution to get rid of them is pop them and clean the area with surgical spirits. the surgical spirits gently hardens the skin of the blister which makes it a lot less sensitive.

    I have tried every pair of sock out there and now can only where the 1000 miles tactel racing sock as it is really thin.
  • I've had the same problem for always - I've always done the sticking plaster trick or have got some gauze which I tape over my arches if I'm going on a long run. Skin has hardened on my arches but can still get blistered.

    Just bought some new socks though, so hoping they might help.
  • I used to suffer from this problem a lot, but then mysteriously it stopped, quite a while ago now.

    However, this weekend a blister 2" in diameter has rubbed up on my left arch!!

    Seems no rhyme or reason to it.
  • is likely because you are over pronating and so creating friction and pressure in that area as the arch flattens and you pronate

    but i would say that wouldn't i


  • My solution was to use plasters, but on the shoe rather than my foot.
  • I do overpronate!

    Oooh clever you.
  • Yep, sounds like classic over-pronation blistering. If you are using any kind of motion control shoe then as your foot lands the arch rubs against the 'support' part of the shoe.

    I suffer from this and always have - I generally run in Brooks Beast, although did try switching to Adidas motion control, but they were terrible.

    Things that I find help:
    Thorlos are about the only socks for me

    I use compeed plasters prior to a race or important long run, but I put them on about 36 hours before the run to let them set, and I always warm them up between my hands for a couple of minutes before putting them on - it helps them stick. If you put them on before a run then they just tend to fall off

    I used to put vaseline on my feet, but this rubbed off after a few miles. Compeed have brought out an 'anti-blister' stick which is a bit like a solid deodorant that you rub on your feet and seems to last longer than vaseline. You can get it from a decent sized Boots, it's with the foot stuff

    Running on a camber definately makes mine worse, so try to avoid heavily cambered roads/pavements, especially ones with a lot of drives cutting accross the pavement. Basically the camber accentuates the movement of the foot

    Whe I do get a blister I have a very sharp cuticle scissors that I use to snip the looses skin open - just a tiny cut of a few millimetres, enough to drain the fluid/blood. Make sure you get it all out, and then just put a small plaster over the snip for a few hours to keep it clean. This will help the skin to harden and speeds up healing.

    You all have my sympathy, I hate my blisters but have just come to accept them. Every now and then I get a long run without a blister, generally when I can run on a flat surface (Hills are fine, as long as the running surface is level). For the FLM this year I used a couple of compeeds along with the stick thing and only got 1 blister about the size of a 5p.
  • Forgot to mention, when draining a blister always make sure everything is clean by using surgical spirit and wipes. An infected blister can be *very* painful
  • I never used to suffer from this when I used to run in Asics 1090s and 1100s, ten I had my gait analysed and was recommended using a pair of Brooks. As soon as I started using Brooks I suffered from this problem. I am now wearing Asics running shoes again and am not suffering anymore.
  • Oooooh painful. I know that feeling.

    Agree with Running Dragon on the Thorlos, that and liberal amounts of micropore tape -10-15cm strips applied laterally in heel to toe direction (rucks up otherwise) so that the whole of the inner edge of the foot is covered. Does the trick for me!

    The micropore rubs and rips eventually, but not until it's saved your feet a whole pile of damage!
  • Thanks I will certainly take the advice on board - it's painful and I could do with out it as I'm doing a 1/2m on Sunday.

    Will give advice a go and let's hope!
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