A brilliant workout...

Went to the gym yesterday, did a 5k, got off the tm, stretched and my PT told me to get back on and do intervals!

Got back on, started at 13kph and throughout the km went up 0.6kph every 100m! When I reached 1k, slowed down to a jog and kept it slow for 500m and did it all over again until I got to 5k... It was the hardest I've ever run in my life... But worth it!


  • Sounds complicated mate!
    Glad you enjoyed this. how knackered were you at the end>
  • Good work Jon, are you looking to do a fast 5k?
  • nice session - what did the 19 kph bit feel like the third time? ;-)
  • Was PT pressing the buttons, or did you have to do it?
  • Not being rude or sarcy, just curious on how your PT works?
  • Snicks! Some things we just don't ask!
  • Hmmm! Urm... The 19kph was kinda interesting! It was fine the first few times, but as soon as it got to the last one I felt my legs filling up with lactic acid! It was pretty unbearable!

    PT was pushing my buttons (HA HA) and offering emotional and constructive support by shouting "CONCENTRATE!"

    And finally... Not going for a fast 5k, just trying to boost my tolerance for longer distances by going hell for leather on my shorter runs!
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