Sub 3:15 - FLM 2009

This is early I know but after a near miss this year I'm determined to break the elusive 3:15 barrier next time. May be this autumn, who knows?

So any sub 3:15'ers, GFA or Ladies championship aspirants, in the imortal words of Delia Smith:

Let's be 'avin you!


  • Count me in!

    Got loads to do and I know it - was going to be close to 3:15 in 2002 but got ill just before and had to defer, and have struggled with injuries.

    Still - hopefully now I'm on my way back - here's to some good hard training :oD
  • Hey, I found you. Look forward to lots of support. THIS time I SHALL beat 3.15!!
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Aberdonian - fancy meeting you here!

    Second attempt for me: 3:22 to beat from this year's FLM, although still coping with the disappointment of no official finisher's photo. May get my sub 3:15 at Cardiff in October (I've heard great things about the championship start portaloos), failing which FLM 2007.
  • Well, if I throw enough coconuts at the stall...;-)

    Seriously though, there's no reason why I shouldn't achieve this target comfortably, providing I stay injury-free this year and keep training consistently through the summer. I've also recently moved to a vastly more competitive running club, which will be a big motivation.

    I'm also considering testing the water at Cardiff. Humph, you probably won't be surprised to learn that, in sobriety, Halstead has lost its appeal!
  • Well, managed it this year ('05) but will be going for it again next, as this time I WILL get a GFA for the following year!

    I merrily aimed at 3:15 thinking it was GFA for a 40 year old, but it's not!! Arrgghhh!! It's for a 41 year old. How weird is that?!

    See you there in 11.5 months, Humph!!
  • Oh, and hopefully the RW pacers will be back for us next time, eh?!
  • SB, oddly enough whilst quite drunk at the club dinner on Saturday night Halstead seemed like a good idea to me!! I have since however sobered up and might try the Frinton half instead.

    What's the new club if you don't mind my asking?
  • I've got a sense of deja vu, Susie!
  • I'd better register my interest.
    I know I can do it as I've done it in the past. It's like Susie says, it's staying injury free that counts.

    Is Cardiff in time for the cut off this year?
  • Hey Blackers,
    do you think it's fair that GFA is the same for you at 41 as it is for me at 55? I'm sure you'll manage it again on the basis of this years stalwart peformance. I sincerely hope that I manage it sometime in the next 12 months either at or, better still, before FLM07.
    Keep up the training folks, just over 11 months to go till the taper. He he.
  • Hello! Can I play?
    Ran 3:15:49 this year at FLM. Was aiming for 3:20 - 3:30 so was over the moon with this time. However I guess the next goal has to be sub 3:15 and a championship start. Not too keen on an Autumn marathon, but definitely planning to run FLM 2007 on a GFA so hopefully that will be my chance...
  • K9. Play? You call this play? LOL, Welcome aboard for all the hard work. Alway good to set your next target.
  • Likewise, Bear!

    Humph, well it's in 'London', and it's based on the 'side' of the 'Heath'!
  • Go on then I`ll have another go.
  • well up for it. did rotterdam in 3.15 and london in 3.18 this year. spot the hawaiian
  • count me in, could be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too optimistic
  • Hi all, good to see so many committed souls already. Seem to be recovered from FLM as I managed a PB on the club 5 mile time trial last night. This is held on the very hilly old Dunmow 5 course, my time of 33:05 stacks up well against race PB of 32:15 on a flat route so hopefully that can be revised soon.

    SB, thought it might be, no pressure intended but the last runner we had from there at one of our races ran sub 31 mins for the Felsted 10k :-)

  • Go on then lets see if i can get through the ballet this time.

    managed 3:44 in 2004 but had a terrible last 8 miles , u learn from yor mistakes.

    my GNR 2005 was 1:34 so I shouldn't be to far off a 3:15 with all your help and motivation :)

    cya later got to go for a run lol

  • Fancy 3:15 but;
    a) Did 3:32 this year (first mara finish though)
    b) Not sure I'll do FLM 07 but probably do another spring mara. Maybe Paris or Rotterdam.

    I'll pop in from time to time to see how folks are doing.

    Bear, what's the best night to pop along to Sutton Runners to get a feel for it?
  • Count me in too. Ran 3h34 this year but was first marathon and off only 2 weeks training as I developed ITBS in Jan and it took months of physio and getting used to my orthotics before I could run for more than 20 minutes without my knee locking up. Just need to shift a slight hamstring strain now before getting back to regular running.
  • I want to join in too! Was aiming for sub 3:30 in this year's FLM and was absolutely delighted to do it in 3:23 so the goal is to do sub 3:15 in Chicago in October and repeat that in FLM 07....have to get the Prague marathon out the way next Sunday first though..
  • A monthly update and a post to ensure the thread does not die!

    Ran the Hatfield Broad Oak 10k yesterday, a slightly undulating course but always quick and it attracts good quality field.

    Anyway, after a recent period of post marathon blues and over enthusiastic nutrition I had no idea what to expect. The result though to say the least exceeded all expectations, splits and times below:

    1k - 3:51
    2k - 3:51
    3k - 3:50
    4k - 3:42
    5k - 3:45 (18:58)
    6k - 3:45
    7k - 3:59 uphill
    8k - 3:49
    9k - 3:47
    10k - 3:36

    Total 37:56

    New PB by just over 2 minutes! Really delighted, also unofficial new 5k and 5 mile (30:32) PB's. Nearly dead heated with Dull Napoleon a stalwart of the sub 3 thread so things going well, for now at least.

  • NjordNjord ✭✭✭
    Great pacing there Humph - looks like things are going very well indeed.

    (FWIW, that’s a darn site faster than I’ve ever run 10K)

    I’m looking to improve my 5K and 10K performance during the summer, before building the mileage back up in Autumn. My first race since London was on Friday (Dunham Massey 5K). I’ve only just recovered from the pox, and mileage has been low, but I’ve never run 5K before and wanted to set a benchmark for further improvements during the summer. As it happened, I overestimated my ability on the day and set off too fast, and was consequently overtaken throughout. The pace was slower than I’ve averaged during a 5 mile race, but the PB was mine (albeit by default) and the summer’s racing has begun…..good to be back.

    FLM 2007? I’m undecided. Post-FLM illness has really hit my enthusiasm for the marathon. Training for a marathon is a healthy pursuit, but running one ain’t! Next time (with my luck), I’ll get mumps or measles or some other childhood disease that I would otherwise have immunity towards. I also don’t feel strongly motivated to improve my time, so I guess the training next year would inevitably drop a notch.... but it would be rude to pass on my GFA place, and I’d like to experience FLM again (it was a bit of blur this year). I suppose there’s no rule that says we have to continually aim to improve out times.

    I’ll probably sign up to three or four FLM threads with finish times spanning a range of around an hour, and see where I am physically and mentally around January.

    Over-enthusiastic nutrition – I can relate to that. Mileage is currently down about 50%. Calorie intake is unchanged. Weight, unsurprisingly, is drifting in the wrong direction. Need to sort this out fast.
  • Njord,

    Your FLM campaign was a study of fine planning and execution so in a way post marathon blues was maybe more likely? The illness just manifested it. Having gone sub 3 I guess it's hard to focus on the next target at marathon, nice problem to have though :-)

    My approach for the year is similar to yours, work on basic speed over shorter distances, look to build in the Autumn. Next aim is 5 mile PB with 10 miles due to go in October I think. I'll not do another marathon this year but aim to hold a long run of 13 - 15 miles on the weeks I'm not racing at the weekend. Last year I slacked off and dropped to 8 - 10 miles and I think this meant it took a lot of build up to get 'comfortable' 20 milers in.

    The 10k 'surprise' time has reinvigorated me though, McMillan calculator now says sub 3 (ha ha) but maybe if I can keep the improvement curve going then anything is possible?

    Keep us posted on how you get on
  • See you there!

    I last did sub-3:15 at FLM 2005 (3:06) but then decided to go for broke and over-trained and over-raced in an attempt to get a sub-3 that autumn and ended up with three months off with a stress fracture. I'm now a lot slower than I was pre-injury and have become a lot more sensible as a result. The goal is now sub-3:15 next FLM, do or die.
  • was wondering where the thread had got to.

    Anyone doing an Autumn marathon?

    Wasn't planning to but seem to have entered Berlin during an endorphin rush....and so the training begins all over again.

    16 weeks to go....
  • Hey K9
    Me and Mr KC have signed up for Chicago in October which should be good, am going to go for sub 3.15 there and hubby is going for sub 3. Have you done Chicago before? It's a great flat wide course so not as crammed as London - and of course the free beer at the end is a bonus!
  • Haven't run the marathon in Chicago - but i have been there for a few days holiday and really enjoyed it. It happened to be the week before the marathon so we saw the preparations being made. Always fancied running it sometime! Good luck kiwi chica!!
  • Cheers K9, am really excited about it, have always wanted to go to Chicago so should be fun (once the run's over and done with!). Best of luck in Berlin!
  • Well, deeply back into training now, and yes, I'm doing an autumen marathon; Loch Ness on 1 October.
    I've decided to build a few races into my preparation this time, and with 16 weeks to go I'd welcome your views on training strategy. Do you think there is any merit in starting my long runs already on a weekend and doing one each and every weekend up to the taper. Have to admit the last two weekends I've done a 2Hr 24Min and a 3Hr 12Min.
    Races so far:-
    11 May 3Km road race 12Min 05Sec
    8 June 4 Mile road race 26Min 50Sec
    13 June 10Km rad race 42Min 35Sec.

    I'm quite pleased with all three, given that they are pure training runs in competitive mode without any slackening of schedules before them. Not sure what predicted marathon times they represent, must do the sums soon.

    It's great to have gotten back to it after the post FLM2006 downtime and I'm enjoying it all more than ever. I'm sure gonna go for 3:15 at Loch Ness (who knows, maybe even significantly sub?!!!)

    Keep up the good work one and all. Sounds to me like Humph is well on HIS way to a sub 3:00!!! Good Luck.
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