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Hello ha,

just a quicky.
Does anybody have any experience of running with those new style headphones that clip over the back of your ear? If so, do you have any recommendations - the "normal" stle seem to fall off all the tim eand it really is quite frustrating.




  • Yeah - Phillips Ear Gear - not expensive - and never fall off. Also can withstand a washing machine, but wouldn't recommend that really ! I think Argos sell them, but look around too.
  • Agree with cougie. Or at least I think I do, anyway, I've got blue Phillips ones and they stay in place fine. They do tend to give me ear ache after an hour or so but I think that's because my hat pushes them in to my ear a little too tightly. Strange, always the right ear, never the left. And they work in the rain, as I found out when ambushed by a tropical rainstorm whilst three miles from home on Sunday morning. haven't tried them in the washing machine yet. Got them in Curry's for about a tenner.
  • Sony MDR-G52s work for me. They are the one that have the bits that slide behind the ear and also have the band round the back.

    Exellent sound quality, never fall off and they keep my ears warm on cold mornings! Comet/ John Lewis or other such shops sell them for about £13.

    the bat
  • thangs people - it gives me a great excuse to go out and buy a new toy......hm, that new pda with mp3 sounds like a good idea!!!
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