Cranleigh 10K

Has anyone done this race? I heard that it is a bit hilly?


  • started it a couple of years ago but had to drop out due to injury but don't recall any hills and did go to school in the village. there's a lot on disused rail track (so like a gravel path) which can feel a bit strange if you're not used to it.

    very friendly organisers though :o)
  • Almost completely flat - majority of race is run along the dis-used railway track which is predominantly hard-packed mud (as opposed to the gravel suggested by MOAT)

    It's a really good race - not too big.

    p.s. I ought to declare I have a vested interest as it is organised by my club!
  • i'm sure i remember gravel!!

    tis a good race tho i have to agree :o)
  • I can't find anything on the website - I'm planning to enter and would like to walk through the course before race day.

  • Simbil,

    I've put the route into gmap (see link below).

    I'll put this onto the Club website also... if you want to enter just use a universal entry form, although I'll talk to the race organiser next time I see him and ask him to get the proper form up on the website.
  • Thanks Rocks - I'm looking forward to my first 10k :)
  • Wow! looks nice around there!
    This will be my first 10k so I am very excited.
    Cheers for the info.
  • Think I'll have to enter this one.
  • There is something about running down a disused railway track that appeals to me. I don't know why though!

    Maybe I am just a bit weird like that!
    Just so long as it is flat I dont mind.
  • Does anyone know if there is there anything for my wife and the kids to do whilst I am running?
  • A65 - Depends on the age of your kids.

    There is a playground at the far end of the field (300yds) from the start line with the usual array of swings, climbing frames etc.

    Alternatively, the Leisure centre is also adjacent to the start area, so they could all go for a swim.

    If that all sounds too energetic, the high street is also very close by, so they could just grab a cup of coffee and watch the world go by.
  • Rocks-
    Thanks. They will probably do all 3 knowing my 2!
    My daughter (10 by then) will have run in the kids 3k earlier so she may just want to chill out. Then again.......
  • Does anyone know where I might find the results from last year.
    I am getting worried that I might be last home in this event!
    I am aiming to get round in about 60 mins.
  • I have the results in a word document. In summary:-

    Finishers - 220
    Winning time - 36:44
    Last finisher - 84:50

    A finish time of 60 minutes would have put you 180th.

    Any other q's let me know.
  • That is fantastic news.
    It's not that I am paranoid about coming last (someone has to) but this is my first 10k and I don't want to be scared for life by the experience ;o)

    is 36 mins a little slow for a winning time over 10k? is this a slower than average course?
  • A65,

    I'd agree that 36 mins is relatively slow for a winning time, but don't think the course itself is particularly slow. It's just a relatively small race which, because it is off-road, probably does not attact the "serious" athletes.
  • Even better!

    I am looking forward to it again now.
    Though I did note your rather luke-warm review from last year.
  • Flippin' 'eck - I was a bit indifferent wasn't I!!! Don't tell anyone at the club or they'll lynch me!

    That review was a couple of years ago... I have a much more positive perspective on it now.
  • OK Rocks, your secret is safe with me ;o)
  • Does anyone have kids running in this race.
    My daughter will be running this as her first race. It would be nice to know if there are many others taking part and if there are others about her age (10) and ability (beginner).
  • Hey A65
    I am intending to run with some mates from Midhurst Milers, we usually manage to bring along a small crowd, certainly my two will be there and running, aged 8 and nearly 7.
  • Is it likely to sell out? I guess I'm too late to enter online now and besides I've got mates who want to run it who won't get round to entering.
  • Nobody around who knows the above? I guess I'll just go along and hope.
  • I'm told there are usually places on the day.
  • Mac I will be there as my daughter is running.
    I have had to pull out. I dont know if race numbers are transferable or not, but you could take mine.
    Fetchmail me.
  • I am entered and looking forward to the race. I have never run Cranleigh before. Anyone know what it is like underfoot? Is it dry? Are studs best? Or will ordinary running shoes be OK?

    Looks like it will be a hot day!
  • It was very dry underfoot. Water cooled-running shoes and a head-mounted parasol were the order of the day, perhaps with a showerhead attachment built-in (although carrying the necessary water supply might be an issue and it might also contravent the current restrictions on hosepipes and sprinklers).

    Did you all get a bottle of wine at the end? Most civilised.
  • Fantastic event - the location was fabulous - plenty to look at and distract you from the pain if running in such a hot day.

    I have never found a 10k as taxing though. Am recovering from a knee injury at the moment so fitness fairly poor (excuses, excuses). Will definitely add it to the list of runs that i do every year. Hoping for better time (and cooler day) next year.
  • Great event, although funny how you soon forget about the pain, I am sure I can recall around 8km thinking I am never going to run again! But half an hour after the race it felt like the greatest event in the world. No we didn't all get wine, I would like to know what the criteria was, a guy who came in just after me was given a bottle and then as he walked away they tried to give him another one.
  • Mark044, that sounds like me!
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