Only fools again

Did anyone do the only fools fun run last year? My advice to newcomers is wear long trousers as the nettles are vicious!


  • Any one doing it - saw it for the first time yesterday and thought about doing it myself.Are the obstacles big ?!
  • As this is only a short bus trip from where I live, I did give it a thought. I'm still not sure, although the novelty value of scrambling over a horse course is quite tempting!
  • This will be my fourth time over the 'jumps'. The obstacles are not too bad, it's running through the lake and squelching the rest of the way that's hard work! Good fun though. Go in fancy dress and really enjoy it.
  • Done this a couple of times, great fun day out, not to be taken too seriously.. Take it for what it is a great fun way to do some 'as hard as you want to make it' training while getting very wet and very muddy.. And supporting a very good cause..

    About to enter for this year..
  • Myself and Mrs DW are doing this (it should be posted on the URWFRC web site). Mrs DW is particularly enthusiastic as she is a keen horsey person.

    Thanks for advice about long trousers - I will bear that in mind. However, I had toyed with some fancy dress anyway, so as it has been suggested, I think I will. Any suggestions anyone? I'm away all next week so haven't got long to organise anything.

    Hopefully see some of you there - come on know it makes sense!!!
  • haven't needed any track suit bottoms in the past and have run it each of the last 4 years - so don't know what route "the bean" took??

    (also wouldn't wet track suit bottoms be a nightmare after the water jump and 2x through the lake????)

    great fun, big traffic jams at the early jumps - so don't run it for a fast time (or if you do, get right up to the front at the start)

    i will be there, i'm afraid - who's in the club running vest, so that we can say hello?
  • WWR,

    I will have the club vest on assuming (a) it's arrived by then and (b) it is compatible with my costume!!!!
  • Oh, stop tempting me with all this talk of fun! I'm still not decided yet, but for those of you who have been there before, is this place easy to get to via public transport. I would have to take the bus from Oxford, but I've never been to Woodstock before, and wouldn't want to get completely lost!

  • Last year, people in fancy dress got a head start, which would avoid the "traffic jams". Did you manage to get into the showjumping arena? How do you do it - when we went it seemed that you needed to pre-book a ticket for that bit?

    I'm not sure where the nettles came from. I was trying to be ladylike and jump carfully but landed a bit funny when a kind gentleman pushed me over one if the jumps! Thanks, whoever you are!! I think I was dithering a bit...
  • hildegard - i don't know how easy it wouyld be to get to.

    it takes placein the grounds of blenheim palace in the village of woodstock.

    the entrance to woodstock/blenheim palace is on a main road going into oxford and i would be staggered if no bus stopped right outside it.

    however it is about 8 miles from the centre of oxford, so aiming for oxford itself may not be the best idea. a few minutes on the internet shoudl give you more details than i have managed there. sorry i couldn't be more helpful

    it IS GREAT FUN - and amazes people when you tell them what you've just done!!!

    bean - you can view the showjumping from a standing bit on one side of the arena (which gets busy), but if you want to get in the stands then i think you're right, you need a ticket. best to ask at the turnstiles on the way in

  • Hildegard,

    Stagecoach run a bus service (service number 20) from Oxford (Gloucester Green) to the Marlborough Arms in Woodstock. This is 150 yds from Blenheim Palace entrance!!!

    Even on Sunday, there looks to be enough buses for it to be a fairly straightforward journey - it looks to be about 20-30 minutes (depending on if you get the express or not).

    Check out for details.

    You will run out of excuses not to do it sooner or later Hildegard!!!

  • I'm tempted to do it, but i'm only 5'2 so a bit worried about getting over some of the jumps - are people generally friendly in a helping you over kind of way ?
  • Dog Walker, you are evil!

    And I have just emailed for an application form.
  • Excellent - will check with Mr Fraggle about looking after the boys while I'm running , well, they can all come along and have a good laugh at wet mummy.
  • Hildegard, you will thank me after you've done it!!!! ;-)
  • Hildegard - Myself and Mr Fraggle wil be travelling in two cars (he's on-call and may need to leave early), so I could pick you up somewhere if you'd like a lift (though I won't be offended if you say no!)
  • Thanks for the offer of a lift Fraggle. I'm going to decide over this coming weekend whether I can realistically do this, as well as write a conference paper and other thesis work. So, would it be alright to let you know next week?

  • Absoloutely - email me next week when you've decided
  • did we get anywhere with this??
  • NOt really!
    I'll have to decide on the day as Mr Fraggle is on call so may have to go into work at a moment's notice, and has to be 30 mins from a computer as is worried about not getting vodafone reception at blenheim palace, etc, etc
    If I do go I will wear my club vest with pride (as I did in Hyde Park on Sunday!)
  • Is anyone brave enough to hold up a URWFC sign so I can find you all - I haven't got a club vest (yet) so will be probably wearing last years Fools T-Shirt.
  • Just entered this. It will be one of my first races, so trying not to take it at all seriously. Will be the one in lots of shiny new View From kit, looking nervous.
  • Good luck! This is a good race to start with as it is not very serious. See you there
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