Motion Control

I currently run in Saucony Grid Stablis, which I have found to be very good in terms of support, but now it's time to change them and I really want better cushioning as well.

Any ideas folks?


  • Nike Air Durham's are meant to be good.
  • I run in Air Durhams. They feel very plush under my 10.5 stones.
  • Lightweight! I wear New Balance Breeze Blocks; I always try on loads of shoes and then buy something bulky from NB.
  • I run in Mizuno Wave Legends which are a Motion Control shoe and have very good cushioning and are very flexible. I recently bought a pair of New ballance 854 because they were on offer but don not find them anywhere near as comfortable. They are getting better now they have some miles on them but the mizunos feel like slippers in comparison. The 854 are also 30 grams heavier.
  • If you like the Stabils but want more cushioning I'd say give a pair of Brooks Addicions a go. I alternate between them and Stabils. They especially good if you're 13-stone and wide of foot!!! Just got a pair of the latest Addiction 5s from Natterjack - verrrry nice, best yet.
  • Thanks everyone.

    T&T man, 13st with wide feet sounds just like me. I'll definitely try them out.

  • have to agree about the mizuno legend, recently got a pair and am very pleased, but I am only small (8st. 4ish, 5ft 1")
  • I should have mentioned, I am 12st4lb and 5ft 6"
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