Question for medics

Have previously posted regarding a hip complaint, but believe this to have been misleading.

The pain I suffer from after running is actually at the back of the crest of the Ilium (large bony protruberance from Pelvis), approximately where I believe the Tensor Fasciae Latae and perhaps the Gluteus Minimus connect.

I've lived with post run pain in this area (both sides) for 8 months and have tried stretching and exercises designed to stengthen these muscles but to no avail. In fact it isn't the muscle tissue that ache more the joining point at the Pelvis.

Could this be a stress fracture (or whatever its called where the muscle tears away form the bone)?

Apart from complete rest is there a way forward? nb it doesn't tend to hurt whilest actually excercising only afterwards and worse when ascending stairs.

Any other sufferers?


  • I have a similar problem, it hurts after i run (especially the day after) when i put weight on the leg and also is really stiff after sleeping or sitting for a while. I am lucky that seeing a chiropractor is free where i am. He says I have just knotted up the Tensor Fascia Latae n gluteus minimum n they are really tight. I am having some massage (which hurts!)and problem seems to be lessening but not going away. Apparently accupuncture is very good for this problem. Also i did wonder if it was caused by running some route all the time, you know you here of pavements sloping etc and that would make sense. Pain is less when i run on treadmill.
  • I have the exact same problem with my tensor facscia lata did you get on?

    I've been out of running for five weeks now and am looking at least another month. I will try massage tomorrow and have been doing exercises from the physio. sigh

  • sfh legs, i've had exactly the same problems as you since about February.  In fact, it started the very same day that my shoulder injury stopped hurting!  So my running this year has not been going well.  I got to the stage where it hurt every time my foot hit the ground, then it started really aching after, particularly going up the stairs (very painful!) or lying on my side.  I've had blood tests, xrays and ultrasound scan, all of which showed nothing wrong.  I was having physio earlier in the year, but i'm not working at the moment so that got too expensive to continue.  I've had quite a few rest periods and it is now not nearly as bad as it was, but still a slight niggle to tell me it's not gone away completely.  I've just started to up my mileage again and am waiting to see what happens!! I believe it is solely down to very tight muscles around the hip and lower back area and that the tensor fascia lata is getting overworked due to a weaker glutes.  I have a MRI scan coming up on Wednesday, so hoping that won't show up anything too bad!!
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