Pie Power

Hello all,

After running my first race today (5 miles in 43 minutes), I thought I'd share my pre-race high carbohydrate secrets. It's called 'pie power'. You see, as my bourfriend had reached the age of 34 without ever having eaten pie, I decided that this needed to change. So I made a blackberry and apple pie in the afternoon, which we ate whilst watching some telly. Later in the evening, he urged me to eat more pie, saying that I needed all the 'pie power' I could get, but alas, I was quite full already.

Anyway, my race today went well, so it must have worked. So everybody, start baking, as I think that this only works with the homemade variety.



  • Aren't we a strangely superstitious sort. I ran my first really good race; good both in time and mileage, on homemade soup and loads of bread. Now, every time a big race day arrives I cannot bring myself to eat anything different!
  • I seam to run well on a recipe I found in a book called 'Recipies For Runners'. Its called 'Mushrooms With Millet' [bird seed makes you fly you see!!!!!!!]Honest! but I change the chicken in the recipe for tuna.
  • Time to start a new thread on food. I like the pie idea, unfortunately I'm a little lazy in the kitchen!
  • Congratulations on your first race Hildegard, and a great time too.
    I must say your pie suggestion sounds infinitely more appetising than Big Tim's bird seed dish which sounds a bit too much like Rose Elliott on a particularly earnest day.
    Still, who am I to quibble with what works for you Tim!
  • 'bourfriend'? eek, bring back the edit function!!

    I also ate pizza that day, so perhaps some special chemistry was going on.

    Big Tim - are there any other tempting recipes in your book?
  • 'Recipes For Runners' By Sammy Green. Published by Foulsham.
    With recipes by runners like Ron Hill & Bill Jordon [Jordons cereals]
    Another favourite is Chicken With Mango Stir Fry.
    Oh & millet is supposed to have three times the carbohydrate as brown rice!!!!!!
  • I tried cooking millet once, but I don't think I cooked it for long enough, as it was rock hard!

    Ever tried quinoa? It's a magical wonder grain (loads o' protein) from South America.

    Thanks for the book info, I'll see what there is about it on Amazon.
  • I've heard of it but never tried it so perhaps now is the time!
  • Hildegard - what a shame. I'd assumed "bourfriend" was a corruption for "boorfriend" which I thought was rather amusing. s.
  • Achilles - yes, very amusing, but I had to set the record straight in this case, as I'd never slave over a hot oven for a boor!
  • Quite right. s.
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