When the name is finally announced I think a card or something from all Runners should be sent to the family. This could be done by simply enclosing a list of names with one line word of support (eg like a petition), maybe RW could publish it?.

Your comments please.

If you agree its a good idea email me on and I will copy your name and simple comment to a list. When the time comes this will be forwarded to the family from all of the running community.


  • The ladies name is confirmed as Margaret Muller an art student from the US
  • Beast has suggested a run in Margarets honour around the park. and I have suggested we petition for a minutes silence at FLM this year.

    Again comments and ideas please.
  • Both ideas are good, I gladly stood in silence for the Queen Mum last year and she had a long and comfortable life. It would be an honour to do the same for someone who has had theirs snatched away from them..
  • Nice ideas Ash, all the more poignant (sp?) being that her family are probably all stuck in the US too so I think the cards a must.

    If you want me to help let me know.
  • We should all support these ideas.
  • have posted on another thread but agree with both ideas, think a minutes silence very appropriate
  • someone needs to email FLM organisation to formally suggest it
  • I agree with all of you.

    Theres nothing harmful to others a runner could do, they punish themselves by running.

    God be with her
  • Thank you one and all for your comments, please keep them coming.

    We have reached 79 lines of text so far.

    Your thoughts and wishes are ever so moving and I feel deeply moved and privilaged to be able to collate all your heartfelt feelings.
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