IgE allergy results, any advice?

Just got results for the allergy IgE test and they were 846, i guess by the dr's reaction it was a quite high.

Anyway I dont understand the concequences of this and my question is should I push for more tests to see what I'm allergic to or should I just leave it and hope I never meet my allergen!


  • IgE is an immunoglobulin that is released by plasma cells and mediates allergies in the Skin, Gut and lungs. High levels are seen in people with Asthma, eczema and Gut allergies and illnesses that involve the immune system such as Coaliac disease.

    The usual suspects if in the lungs and skin are house dust mite, Fungal spores and pollens.

    The answer to your question kind of depends on what Symptoms you are experiencing and what your issues are with them. High levels at this time of year usually mean pollen allergies
  • Unlucky PB.
  • Hum thanks cabletow i do get asthma so maybe it is the pollen causing it, cant avoid that grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  • Oh and DB thanks for your symapthy, save some more for Staines I will defo need it then!
  • If you are having a bad asthma time you need to be using your preventer inhaler more with that amount of IgE I would subbest you should be on 800mcg beclometasone a day or equivalent
  • I have just been told to up my preventer to 3 puffs twice a day.

    I'm on symbicourt turbo inhaler!

    Are you some kind of medical bod then Cabletow?
  • yep

    GP with a specail interest in Respiratory medicine and a runner so I have an interest in my legs
  • So is 2X 3 puffs of that symbicort the same as 800mcg beclometasone?
  • Not quite but accpetable. Symbicort contains 200 mcg of budesonide per dose so you are having either 600 total (if you are using the 100/6 turbohaler - the common one). Not quite as much but it has mixed with it eformoterol which acts as a dilator of your airways and allows you to get away with less. budesonide is dose equivalent with beclomet

    I am sure that with your high IgE levels you would be better off with more steroid. You could achieve this if you asked for the 200/6 turbohaler or asked to be switched to Seretide 250/50 accuhaler 1 puff twice a day or even the 500/50 for the pollen season to allow you to run more effectively. This will need a running sympathertic GP as you may find the attitude "why should the NHS pay more just so you can run". Seretide is more expensive but the active ingredient fluticasone is double the strength of the beclomet and it also contains 50mcg of salmeterol ~ a more potent long acting dilator.

    I hope that helps rather than confuses
  • If you get it right though you may have to change your name to "not quite so puffing bertie"
  • Hi Cabletow just got home and found I am on the 200/6.

    Have to say my run this morning was crap, It was wet out and i thought that reduced pollen levels so maybe its not pollen i'm allergic to.
  • Pollen counts have very little to do with pollen related symptoms as the symptoms persist for several hours days after the count. The symptoms you have today actually reflect teh pollen levels you experienced over the last week.

    so you are taking 1200mg 3X200 twice a day)budesonide and still getting Symptoms ... I would suggest you go for Seretide 500/50 1 twice a day and see how you get on. You may also like to ask about monteluekast and/or antihistamines and nose sprays
  • I can try, but i will give this dosage a go for a couple of weeks cos i have only just moved up to 3 puffs from 2. Also I have a half on sunday and i dont really want to muck around wth stuff just before that.

    Also it is a nightmare getting to see my GP :-(

    I have to say your info has answered lots of questions i forgot to ask.

    Oh how nice it would be just to be plain old 'Bertie'

    BTW does allergys like this make you headachy and sleepy?
  • Yep congestion, increased energy output and Breathing disomfort decrease quality of sleep and increase headaches.

    Good luck with your Doc. I hope this was of help even though I work in the Crap NHS
  • Yes, Thanks for your help cabletow :-)
  • no worries
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