Asics Creed?

Hi All

Thinking of buying a pair of these and was after anyones comments, and is a roomy front part of the shoe a good thing? how much space should you have around your toes? Are there any rules for this?

Any help would be appreciated before blowing my beer money on a pair of trainers!



  • I have a pair of these, they don't seem very roomy at the front to me, unless I have left some of that scrunched up tissue paper in them! The other pairs I have are New Balance and I have an old pair of Gel Kayanos that I keep for running at work. So far I seem to be getting along fine with them, I wear orthotics by the way ( overpronator)
  • About the room thing I forgot to say that you should be able to get your thumb down the back of the heel when you've got them on.Usually a size bigger than your normal shoes.
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