New Identity

As we have a new forum, I thought it was time I gave myself a nickname, rather than stick with my boring "real" name.

Therefore, Jeanne Laurie will now be posting on the new forum. From now on I will be Nessie (can't think why!).

Do you think it will make me run faster?


  • Hello Nessie,

    Quite right and about time you went for a handle. Welcome on board.

    Of course you'll run faster............

    on the other hand...

    Is there any chance you'll venture South of the border and join some of us at Windsor or similar?

    All the best,
  • Nessie, are things annoying you less these days or are you thinking of going back to that scary signature.

    RB. Thought you and snicks were going to sort your faces out.
  • Hello Nessie,

    Well done on the name change. Hope to join you and some of our other friends in the Loch Ness Marathon.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Ratbag, I'd love to venture South, but it usually means a 3 day trip (Inverness is 4 hours to the border, so anything south of that means an overnight at least). London 2003 may be a possibility though.

    Blue Knees, I'm feeling very relaxed in my new job, so hopefully no scary tag lines now.

    Ellie, how's the training going for Loch Ness. Shattered Shins and I are going to compete for last place!
  • Sorry to disappoint Nessie - but I don't think there's going to be much of a competition - 1)you seem to be swimming through the floods a lot, is this the benefit of having local knowledge? 2)you're getting out of the door - almost everyday. Miles ahead of me already.

    Like the name though
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    We've had a lot of rain, but no actual floods where I am. I did see a couple of hardy souls out last night - one of my neighbours who wins lots of the local triathlons out on his bike, and a guy running, although he seemed to be in danger of being swpet down the hill in the small river which had formed.

    I haven't done a decent run since Saturday; my Monday night 7-9 miler turned into 1.5miles out & back "bugger this for a game of soldiers" type drenching.

    Fingers crossed the rain has let up enough to allow further than 20ft visibility so I can get out tonight!

    Race still on!
  • hiya Nessie,I get up to Inverness a few times a year and love running out Ness Islands way.Was staying near Nairn in May and felt as if I was king of the world whilst running out there!!
  • Just to say hello to everyone, old and new ,on the new site. Cor, its like going back to school for a new term with intrepidation of who will be there. ( At least as far as I can remember through the mists ??? clouds !!! of time! ). George.
  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    Hi Nessie and everyone else. I can't help wondering if this forum style will ever be the same??
  • As with any new change Barkles, it takes a while to get used to. It's all a bit confusing at first but you quickly get to feel comfortable with it. We've already had an email from one regular forumite (who was involved testing the site), they disliked it to start with and said so publically, but they emailed to say now they were used to it they prefer the new format. Nice to hear.

    I don't know if you remember all the dismay and fuss last time the RW forums were changed over to the current ("old") system? With every change comes a period of discomfort as people adjust.

    Lots of people came out with ideas on how to incorporate some of the best features from the old forums. We'll be working those in over the coming weeks / months - so watch this space.

    The new forum also integrates with all the news on the site (so you can discuss all the RW articles with other readers), and soon will integrate with the event system allowing you to discuss races you are entering or have recently run in, with other people from within the race!

    I do hope you get to enjoy the new format.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    It seems weird at the moment, but I guess as you say Jeremy, all new things take a while to get used to.

    My only dilemma is whether to keep posting as boring old "Debbie" or get myself a handle. Or will it be too confusing if everyone changes to a new forum style AND changes their name at the same time? How will we know who we're talking to?!
  • Could be quite fun. A bit like a masked ball! That said, it could also be a bit threatening - it's tough enough to get used to one change (the software) everyone changing names might disturb people too much.

    You could always get yourself a face to add a bit of fun to the forum.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Nairn is nice - I've done the local triathlon the last 2 years. Quite a short swim, 11 miles flat cycle (out Lochloy road, past the riding centre and back ina loop) then 5k along the river then back along the sea front. Very scenic and very friendly too.

    I've run through Ness Islands quite a few times myself, and it's the route for the Race for Life. Lovely on a sunny day with the light filtering through the trees. Wouldn't have fancied it much on Tuesday night though, the river was so high with all the rain that it would have been pretty flooded.

    Do you do any of the local races when you venture North?
  • Hiya again,Nessie,I've never thought to do a local race whilst up there cos I'm always working and dont think I could fit one in!Never there on a Sunday either.I travel about a lot with work and once when in Vienna,the marathon was taking place,I was so tempted,but worried about climbing all the stairs at the theatre later,so stood on the sidelines cheering,now that was a very intersesting experience!Next in Inverness in October so I will check out any races going on!I dont get on too well with cycling,I must admit:(
  • The worse thing is when people CONSTANTLY change their names. Then it's REALL confusing.

    What's wrong with using your real name? I like it!
  • I quite like the new format, but what has happened to the old 'signatures', quite a laugh mostly

  • Jenks,

    Autosignatures / Tag lines in forum are on the ideas list brought up during our site testing. We'll be developing them over time I hope, but don't hold your breath, there's plenty on the list to go for a while.

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Jeanne, I knew it was you!

    I'm still trying to think of one for myself. Any ideas?
  • Hope you enjoyed you're holiday Drew. I think we need some stability with names because its all getting really confusing. Names like Drew and Ratbag are ours link to the old forum and the fond memories there-in
  • Hi Nessie!
    Where'd you get that lovely piccie of yourself? Any idea where to find a nice fleecy lamb?!
  • Hi Lamb, if you're not in a hurry I'll find you one and crop it to the correct size. I've sent one for V-rap but its not in evidence yet. If anyone is having trouble resizing give me a shout
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Do a search on "Clipart" and there are thousands to choose from. Saw lots of lambs, I'm sure you'll find one to suit.
  • Hi Blueknees! That'd be great, thanks! Meanwhile will have scout around for some suitable clipart!
  • Had a look, what a nightmare all those clipart sites!! Any help, Blueknees, very much appreciated!
  • Hi Lamb, have sent you an e-mail so you can e-mail me back with your picture. Give me a shout if you can't find one and I'll see what I can find

    Would be nice Sean/Jeremy if your e-mail facility allowed attachments
  • Nessie, while searching for something else I found another couple of pictures you might find useful. Send me an e-mail if you're inerested and I'll send them back. (We have to do it this way because the e-mail on this site doesn't allow attachments)
  • I'm really glad I caught your post Nessie or I'd have started wondering in about a week whether you'd been swept away in the torrential rain you've been having up there :D (come back emoticoms, all is forgiven)

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Yes, it has been a bit damp up here, DD. I may not get a suntan this year, but rust is a similar colour!
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