tracklogs and forerunner 305

Anybody else use tracklogs with their 305. Either I'm being daft (highly likely as I don't do computers) or its not a good system.


  • I have Tracklogs and I have a 305. Personally, I've gone off Tracklogs - there are too many minor bugs that don't get fixed. The only thing I really use it for is to get accurate elevation profiles for my runs. I find that the mapping used in SportTracks is adequate for most other purposes, and covers the whole country (and beyond).

    Having said that, someone on another board mentioned that it is possible to create routes in Tracklogs and load them into the 305, so that it can be followed during a run. I've not yet investigated this but, if it is true, I might start making more use of it. I know that Tracklogs has the required functionality - it is just whether it is the case that the 305 has the functionality to import the route and then have it available for navigation.
  • Cheers fw. One of the reasons I got tracklogs was for that same reason of downloading routes. Trouble is at present tracklogs doesn't even download from my GPS properly. I have downloaded routes and then found in the stats bar that the duration is way out and have min and max speeds of 4 and 5 kph which is just carp. Am going to e-mail tracklogs and see if I'm doing something stupid but I can't see what.
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