Baby runners/joggers

We have a baby on the way and would like some advice on buying a baby jogger:

a) what's the best one to buy, opinions welcome?
b) I understand its not advisable to run with it until the baby can support his/her head, but can I use the jogger from new born as a pram (thus saving buying something else)?

Thanks in advance.



  • Gary - In my experience/ opinion, these are not great if you are a "serious" runner (i.e. want to do more than have a gentle run/ walk in the country). I have found it impossible to train effectively with one and all of my friends who have them have said the same. Re: using it as an ordinary pram, guess it depends which one you want, but again in my experience I found it rather large and bulky for navigating the shops etc. (I love my Bugaboo).

    Having said that, there are other forumites who like them and hopefully this will "boing" it for one of them to give you some advice!

    Hegs x

    PS. We had a Baby Jogger II - damn expensive and in my opinion complete waste of money - but we got rid of it on eBay ;o)

  • Thanks for the response, I missed that one.

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