Tibialis anterior syndrome

Anyone else had this problem? My training had been going really well until the weekend. I think I may have overdone my Yasso speed session last Wednesday and felt a very minor discomfort at the bottom of my shin on Friday. I ran the Watford half marathon on Sunday and felt slight twinge in the shin on one of the steepish down slopes after about 5 miles. I realise I should have stopped there and then, but being the fool I am, I carried on to the finish. I stretched thoroughly after the race and didn't feel too much discomfort. However, as the afternoon went on, the pain grew worse and I could barely sleep on the Sunday night as the swelling had come up and any up/down flexing of the foot left me in agony. After hardly being able to walk on Monday morning, I went to see my physio. She diagnosed Tibialis anterior syndrome and advised me that if the swelling didn't go down within 2 days to have decompression surgery. However, with plenty of rest and ice over the last 2 days the swelling has gone down considerably and I have much more flexibilty in the ankle. It looks like running is out for at least 2/3 weeks, not leaving me long before the London marathon.
Has anybody else suffered from this kind of injury? If so, what kind of treatment did you have? How long were you advised to avoid running? Do I still have a realistic chance to run the FLM??
Thnaks in advance for your help.


  • Id say 2-3 weeks is about right, although I once had something similar at my wrist and it settled down in a few days only.
    Dont give up yet!
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    That's nice. The same spam from two different posters. 
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