hip pain!

hello all
im a 35 yr old male and ive recently started to experience a dull throbbing pain in my hip joint..only subsiding when rested. it first came on after a 10k i did last sunday..could the fact that im rubbish at doing any stretching have anything to do with the problem? Also even though i am still young-ish could arthritis be suspected????

thanks everyone

Paranoid alan


  • I bet/hope it's not arthritis. If it's deep in the joint, could be bursitis. http://www.bursitis.org/

    If it's kind of "around" the joint, it could just be muscle/connective tissue strain which, if it's only one one side, is sometimes to do with how you land on your foot. Many people are slightly wonky in their gait and muscles around the pelvis/glutes and low back start to work harder to realign you.

    New shoes for your particular foot habits might help. It did for me.

    If it doesn't go away after a rest, I'd say see a physio before it gets worse. They'll give you some appropriate stretches if they're needed, or even pull you around and do them for you.

  • I had the same sort of pain last year. Since spending the value of a 2-bed semi on a chiropractor the problem has been sorted. Twisted pelvis I believe, caused by a fall from a horse a few years back.

    Good luck with it :o)

  • Still suffering with a hip problem from last September. Used to hurt with every landing footfall but after rest and physio (not sure which worked)now just hurts when I stretch or lean over not when I'm actually running. Still it's annoying and sometimes quite painful and I really should get it sorted. But at least i can run.
  • thanks for your advice guys...i just think my legs are too quick for my hip! (haha)...i'll try and rest it for a week or two then get a loan out to see a physio. im not a big fan of physios by the way, ive never met any that have actually cured any of the injuries ive had. best treatment i ever had was a chinese massage and acupuncture on a strained hamstring...worked wonders!
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