Quick hello

Hi everyone, I've just joined so I thought I'd say hello. ( hope I've put it in the right place )

I've just started running again after a long lay off of more years than I care to remember.

I did run a 10k last September which should have been the kick up the backside I needed as it took me an hour to run it, but I havn't run again until this last week.

I've been out 4 times this week the first couple were 30 minute runs just to test the water and see just how much it was going to hurt.

Then Thursday I did 40 minutes and this morning I had a lovely run in the drizzle for 45 minutes.

My aim is to run the Swansea Bay 10k this September and enjoy it rather than endure it, plus it will be nice to see how much I can improve my time.

That turned into more of a long hello didn't it so I'll stop rambling now.

Cheers everyone,


  • Steve ... take it slowly and enjoy it

    have fun!
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Glad that you're enjoying it Steve. Try to resist the temptation to do too much too soon though. If you do you're likely to pick up and injury and be back to square one!
  • hello
  • Steve

    Hello from me too.

    As others have said - Don't get carried away with too much too soon, and continue to enjoy it all, including the drizzle.
    Do some other shorter races between now and your targeted event.
  • Hi steve good to hear your getting back into running take it easy.
  • Thanks everyone, I am being really carefull to take it easy to start with, it has been really hard to pace myself properly on runs as my mind still thinks I can run like I used to, until my legs give it a little reminder.

    I am still relatively fit as we have three whippets so I do walk probably 6-8 miles everyday with them and longer at the weekends so I think thats helped me a bit.

    Is 4 times a week too much at this stage do you think ? I havn't had any real aches or pains after runs or the next day.

    My plan for next week was to do three easy paced 30-40 minute runs in the week and then try and go for a 50 minute run on Saturday or a bit longer if I'm feeling good.

    Or is that too much too soon ?

  • Steve

    If you already do that much walking, you should cope with the sort of level of r*nning you are talking about. The difference being slight change in muscle usage and a major increase in impact. This is lessened however if you stay off road as much as possible. Remember that the rest days are at least as important as the efforts. Though if you are exercising the dogs you may not get any real rest days.
    Do you r*n with the dogs? or are whippets too uncontrollable?
  • Dave? Why do you never write the words run/running??
  • KKD

    Because of Forum Conventions that I read before I started posting anything.
  • Hey I've never seen that before. Ta!
  • Hi folks did my 2nd 10k race yesterday within 2 months of each other. Did it in 1hr 5, 5 mins less than the last one, doing my first half marathon in two weeks, getting a bit concerned as found yesterdays hard going. Am I kiding myself that I can do it. Help need advice!!!
  • Juliet, most courses are different. Your last one may just of had more hills, headwind, not such an interesting course, etc. and thats why you found it harder. Have you followed a prog? Whats your traininf been like? I'm sure you'll be fine. Just relax, stick to your pace and enjoy! There's no time to beat if its your first half. :-)
  • Juliet

    Be prepared to walk, and if so start early to get the benefit. You know - so many mins jog then walk, and repeat, until you see the finish then all out for last few metres.
    Start right at the back, and stay with, or behind, the last folk for at least the first 3 miles.
    Take water or other suitable (previously tested) drink with you.
    Smile even if you hurt, it helps take the pain away.
    Enjoy yourself - don't take it too seriously.
    When you have done it come back here and tell us all about it.
  • Thanx, I seem to enjoy the training more than the actual races until I reach the end,when I see all the crowd cheerin us on makes all the difference. I run at least twice a week and try and cycle once a week if its only a couple of miles.I do walk on my races and make sure its only when going up hill can't do hills. Thanx again and will let you know how I got on.
  • Jones come over to swansea 5k thread.
    Oh and hello!
  • I can run with one whippet but all three is absolute chaos, so I can't get around the runs being seperate from the dog walks unfortunately.

    I will enter the 5k races Tri Taffia cheers for pointing them out, its funny last year I saw the km markers on the prom and wondered what they were for Duh!!

    I had a brilliant run tonight, legs were a bit dead to begin with but after 15 minutes it all came together and I felt great, I did 40 minutes and felt like I could do another 40 minutes.

    I know this is only my second week back running and only my 5th run in that time but I'm already amazed at how much better I'm feeling on my runs.

    Anyway I'm rambling on again sorry, guess I'm just chuffed how well my run went tonight.


  • I overdid it a bit last night :( I went on my normal run but felt really good after 30 minutes so took a detour which was quite hilly.

    I had a bit of a twinge in the side of my calf after 40 minutes that started when going up quite a steep hill, I did carry on running and the twinge dissappeared until I stopped, but then reappeared :(

    I ran for 51 minutes alltogether which I think would have been fine if it wasn't for the hills, I just don't think I'm up to hills yet.

    I can still feel a slight ache in the side of my calf this morning but its in no way painfull, should I go out for a gentle run tonight ? ( on the flat!! ) or give it a rest for a couple of days.

    Another thing I was thinking about is joining a club my local one is Swansea Harriers, but I have no idea how clubs operate and what I'd gain from joining one, or is it just for people who want to race.

  • Clubs are definately not for people who just want to race. Most people will race but to give you an idea, my club has sub 2:45 marathoners and also 6 hour marathoners.

    There's nothing to be afraid of in join a club. Just make sure you join the right one for you.

    To get an idea of what times people do at Swansea, do a google search for the club name and have a little look at any race results. I'm sure there will be a huge range of finishing times.

    Good luck.
  • In fact I've just searched on this years London Marathon results. Swansea Harriers have finishers from 2:30 to 5:45.
  • Just goin over my threads can't believe its been 4 mths when i last looked. Well did the 1st half marathon in 2 23, wanted to do 2 but unfortunately my partner had an old injury and was determined to do it. But nevermind at least done it.Already looking forward to next years.Better get training!!!
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