False Start

I started running in early Jan and went out walking/running on 7 ocasions over the first 2 week, until my knees started complaining. I've rested for about 2 weeks now and am just thinking about getting back out there, once my new shoes arrive(due any day now). Encouragement needed to try again!


  • Just get out and do it - you know you'll feel better when you get back.

    Most of us started off the same way as you, and some have carried onto Marathon distance. Whatever your aim is, try and pick a run that you want to do in the future. Then you'll have a goal to focus on.

    If it's a popular one, then there will be loads of Forumites around to chat to.

  • I had exactly the same thing happen last year, which is how I got my nickname.

    Rest awhile it will be OK, I went on to do the FLM. From Nothing to marathon runner in 16 weeks!!

    All the best!!
  • Plod on!!! After your knees have had their say, other bits start complaining, but eventually you run out of body parts, and you can just get on with it.

    Or maybe we all just develop a pain threshold????
  • E up smeg
    I started running 4 weeks ago, so far my shins have ached, my feet hurt, my lungs burnt, my heart hammered, my feet have gotten hot, my back complains and I've sweated buckets. It wasn't untill yesterday that i actually ran without anything hurting.
    At least somthing different hurt each time, hopefully soon none of it will. I think it's just the body getting used to all this wierd motion.
    Anyway stick with it, i'm sure it'll get better !
  • your body never forgets.

    all that work you have already done will make re-entry to running so much easier.

    take it easy, take it steady, try to enjoy every step you take.

    you are already a runner, its just a matter of building on the foudations you have started to lay down - let us know how it goes...
  • I'm so relieved to read this ... I too started 'running' at the beginning of Jan. run 1 min / walk 1 min .. managed to get to running 2 mins ... then my shins were hurting, then my feet hurt .. then a holiday last week ... oh no, back to square one I thought!
    I went out on Tuesday and forgot to set the timer, and ended up running 4 mins/walk 1 min.
    still a big hill to climb to actually do the kind of running I'm looking forward to, but boy did it feel good yesterday when I realised I'd doubled the amount of time I could run!
    Smeg - you know that you'll feel great if you just make yourself go, no matter how long / how far ......
    And this is what I'm going to try to remember tomorrow, when its cold, dark and I'd rather be doing a million and one things instead of running for a whole 4 minutes!!!
  • I'm so relieved to read this too! I also started running at the beginning of Jan, 1min run/1min walk, I started getting pains in my inside knee ligaments, had a six day rest and now I'm back out and touch wood all is okay. I am now running 8 min/ 2 min walking and am in training for the Edinburgh marathon in June.
  • When I started I could never understand why either: my legs packed up while my breathing was ok, or my breathing packed up while my legs were fine.

    At some magic point--after weeks of not being able to do more than 10 mins a time--you suddenly realise WHOO HOOO!!! I CAN RUN! I CAN DO IT!!

    The next day, of course, you couldn't make it to the corner shop if you had a gun to your head.

    This is perfectly normal. The knack is to find something interesting to think about, not worry too much when bits of your body stop working (stopping to tie your shoelaces and gasp for breath is ok, and so's walking) and just, basically, to get on with it. Because nothing, absolutely nothing, compares with the quiet satisfaction of knowing that you can, when you feel like it, head out for a nice six mile run . . . or ten . . . or twelve . . .

  • Or one...
  • Well, the new shoes have finally arrived, in fact I am wearing them right now! Probably looks a bit plebee in the office but I want to wear them in. I'll get out for a run in them tomorrow; and so the adventure starts all over again!
  • I tried out the new shoes today, they seem fine, and the knees are OK. I guess it might be an idea to alternate the direction of my training route every other week to minimise the risk of injury!
  • What is this?? I'm extremely new to running - about 3 weeks new to be exact and haven't done any previously since school, 25 odd years ago!! I've entered the 5k Race for Life in July and started a training plan from Runnersworld, which was going well. About 1 min jog/1 min walk for about 2miles, 3 times a week on road. I ran for the first time last Sunday on rough ground, edges of fields etc. and found it very hard going, not being used to that surface. Since, the inside of my knees have been fairly stiff and a quite sore. What have I done? Have rested for a couple of days, although walked as usual for 3 miles today and was OK. Tried running for a minute and a half today and gave up as they started to hurt more and more and just fast walked for a couple of miles. I'm so frustrated and want to run but don't want to cause any more damage. What's best? Glad of any advice!
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