Has My RW Gone Missing?

Is anyone else still waiting for their June edition of RW? The last one I got was the May edition with that rather strange photo of Paula on the front cover, but WH Smith appear to have been selling the June copy for weeks.

Is my postie up to no good again?


  • I didn't get mine either :(
  • I am in the process of sending an e-mail to them. My direct debit appears to have gone t*ts up!
  • Millsy- you might want to look at www.subscription.co.uk/help if you haven't done so already, you'll need your subscription number for that.
    It will show what was debited. You can also email from there, and there is a phone number given, 01858 438852

    Also- these are the sale dates from there, but it doesn't help much for this one!!

    316 JUNE 2006 (The current issue)
    317 JULY 2006 02/06/2006
    318 AUGUST 2006 30/06/2006
    319 SEPTEMBER 2006 04/08/2006
    320 OCTOBER 2006 01/09/2006
    321 NOVEMBER 2006 01/10/2006
  • Thanks moomoo.

    I have sent an e-mail to Rodale and will await a response.
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