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I noticed today in Boots that they are selling Oxygen in a can .I think it is to be used post exercise to aid recovery.Anyone know anything about it>I think it is called OGO and cost £4.99 per can and comes in four flavours.


  • Got it as a joke prezzie last Xmas. Smells nice, but I can't see it having any benefit at all. Apart from the profit margin for Boots.
  • I have a small empty beer bottle here, for £4.99 you can have it (postage paid)
  • Doesn't someone sell oxygenated water too to promote recovery ?

  • What happened to those coffees in a can?

    much better idea.
  • I tried one (funnily enough on the train to London FLM). Didn't heat up and so they sent me a coupon for a refund, which I probably lost somewhere. Pah !
  • Those coffees are alright but they come without sugar...fascists!
  • Maybe the oxygen can is from the movie Spaceballs?
    If you open it, don`t forget to be in an tent, otherwise it is useless. (It is useless anyway1)

    And much more important: DON`T SMOKE!!!!
  • Brill story im local newspaper last week.
    Two idiots cleaning car engine using petrol- in a garage, one couldn't wait to go out for a fag, so lit up in the garage.

    Imagine his surprise when the whole thing went up in flames !!
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