Womens Only Triathlon

For all of the newbies amongst you looking for a very friendly race to pop your cherry or experienced ladies looking for a sprint to add to your reportoire, Chester Tri organise one of the only (and first) womens only triathlons in the country.

The UK's only triathlon just for women; a fun and achievable introduction to triathlon for you, with special training days, events and a beginners seminar to help you get ready and finish with a smile. 750m swim in Manley Mere (wetsuits compulsory) / 16km cycle on country lanes / 5km scenic off-road run on paths around Manley Mere. Proud to be raising money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Interested ?

Use the Chester Triathlon website to get more info go hereor just enter here.

If you have been worried about getting in at the deep end, this is just the place to start.



  • Is Kelly doing it?
  • The date for this is the 16th July which means that she is unfortunately in Torrevieja on a hen party the week b4 Germany.

    She gets back on the Monday, irons all of my kit and then we fly out Wednesday ;-)

    I hope that she will be doing it next year though as its a great intro to the sport, I am sure over half of the ladies that did it last year it was their first tri but the club holds OW swims and run groups etc in the run up to the race so you get the chance to try on wet suits and even borrow them for the race it they are needed.
  • Women's only tri is how I got interested in the sport. Mine was in New Zealand where thousands of women each year take part in the She Tri-Woman's series.
    The races (over 20) sell out within days they are that popular (and each race has a minium of 500).
    In fact the Auckland race got some kind of record two years ago when 12,000 took part (team events as well as proper tri).

    If any woman is thinking of giving tri a go then these races offer the perfect atmosphere for you. It doesn't matter what size or shape you are, or level of experience you have they are great fun.

    Wish I lived closer!

  • I would definitely recommend Deva Divas womens only triathlon. I come up every year from Oxfordshire to do it. The atmosphere is really friendly and it's a really well organised event. Maybe next year I'll also do some training to prepare for it....

  • ABB hit it right on the head, it doesn't matter what size or shape you are, everyone there is supporting the day and the competitors and we normally have a superb day. Its cool to see lots of smiley faces especially if its the first tri.
  • Tri is an awesome event for women to get involved in. The scariest thing is getting started and posting off your first entry form.

    This book helped me get going in the beginning, see what you think http://amzn.to/RagvGk

  • theres also another one in Dorney Lake in June, (thats down south!)

  • Tri Ferris also organise a Ladies Only tri. I think that's in June too
  • Thats the Timex one innit OC??

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    ... Manley Mere image!

  • Yup meldy.... I think its still going

    ShuffleB did it a few years ago and it had a v different feel to it - really enxouraging etc

    There wrre some speedy people there though

    *not sure why im on this thread! *
  • Nor do I .... where's Gladys?  image

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