Chop my legs off

Morning feeling like a freak! As you know my running is Gonna Start Anyday Now! SO.........I went into Sports & Ski/soccer (yahboo to Borehamwood), to find some joggers. They have a sale - starting at £3.49 upwards - great, just my kinda budget.
Oh dear, all I asked was "do they have a pair of long ones, pref 34" inside leg. THREE assistants looked at me blankly and mumbled, dont know, not sure, 'ladies ones' are upstairs! Grrrrrr....asked again - "Is there a particular make, maybe, that are known to be longer than average"?.........More vague mutterings and "We dont know". Five minutes 'customer service' continued with not an ounce of anything useful followed. Steam gradually whistling out of my ears, I say, "doesnt anyone here know ANYTHING about the products you are selling??????" Was again suggested I try the 'ladeees' section upstairs (to get rid of me), so I said, even less point looking there cos there'll be even shorter!
Proof, once again, in public of course, that I AM a freak! PLEEEEEASE someone tell me where/what make joggers I can get that will actually touch somewhere near my ankles if the moons in the north-east,with Uranus pending and Jupiter rising (& maybe a chill wind coming from t'Baltics?????


  • Mens tights arent that different to wimmins minihoney
    Might be woth a go
  • Hello and thank you. Nice to know I'm not the only one! Hmmmm.....not sure I should unleash myself in running tights! I am slim so need 30" max, and preferably something more camouflaging so I dont scare people. Ps; thought you guys up there were tough!!!!!!!!
  • Hi plod, am worried that I'll look like a stretched out Max Wall - VERY scary. Am self conscious enough already, will only be running in the dark! Late. Very late! Wearing black. Sponges glued to trainers.
  • or go early in the morning
  • ?????????????? in d d d d dd dd ddd daylight?????????????? <<<<hides under the bed>>>>>>
  • really, theres noone about early am
    and anyone you do meet is half aslleep
  • besides....the 6 inches of bare ankle sticking out from the bottom of your running trousers will distract them from anything else :-)

    Actually - PH's one is around first thing, let alone cares about some runner!

    Go on, give it a go!
  • Concurve are good for long-legged types.
  • Minihoney - have you tried Long Tall Sally?

    I buy jeans from them with 34" inside legs (they also do 36") - haven't bought their sports gear so don't know how good it is -but might be worth a look
  • <<sigh>>

    (from someone with a 28" inside leg)

    I look like Norah Batty gone wrong in running tights!

    and unless trousers are straight legged it's a bit of a b*gger to try and shorten them!

    3/4 trousers are long on me!
  • I'm the opposite too - 31" legs on a bloke. And big chunky legs to boot.
    I used to run with a friend who was tall and skinny - we wore the same size tracksters - mine were lycra tight too long; his were baggy and too short!

    Duck girl - funny you say that about Concurve as I was going to say they were good for short-legged people! Weird!
  • Sugoi do long legged tights. I think I found them on girlsruntoo.
  • Why not wear capri length?

    I'm with CdK - wee short legs, my running tights form wrinkles round my ankles and I spend a fortune on having trousers shortened. I dream about having long slim legs instead of my little chubsters.

    AND I have short arms too - all my tops have to have the cuffs turned back.
  • JJ - Ditto

    I'm forever folding the loose bits up at the bottom of my run tights.
  • Rhonisch, I think I spelt that right do sports trousers at 34 & 36 inch inside leg. I got some from Girls Run Too on the web. They aren't running trousers though, I wear them for work, and I have 34 inside leg. I also find men's running tights I have nike at the moment, are great.

    Capri pants are also good, M&S view from stop just below the knee for me, and they look like they were made that way! Long Tall Sally do one style of gym pant, not tried them yet. I bought 2 pairs of cottony type gym trousers for work from there last year 36 inside leg, and both of them to just 32 inside leg, bit rubbish really. LTS are just too expensive.

    You're not a freak by the way, it's just the rest of the world who are midgets :0)
  • Just remembered there was a thread on this a while back, and concurve were suggested then, so I went out and bought some. Problem was the legs were long but nothing else was, waist band stopped well below my belly button. Not took keen on the "letting it all hang out" style of fashion I'm afraid.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    It's shorts weather now anyway.
  • Hi everyone - thanks very much for all suggestions and comments - only just logged back on from last time. (Good logic there eh??). Have never heard of concurve and presume theyre shoppable online, will check it out. JJ, you make me laugh, I have very strange cartoon visions in my head now of you running (must try not to)........ thanks also peeps, for the LTS advice and its a comfort to hear they shrink - cos I DID momentarily think of them & then momentarily thought of my bank balance! Wont be shopping THERE then! Shorts? SHORTS???? With MY legs???????????
    Mini-mouse on heat? No wonder I need to run in the dark!
  • Actually the assistants might not have been totally mad to think there'd be longer pairs in the ladies. I heard somewhere or other that in general guys have longer backs in proportion to their legs than women, and it's that that makes them taller not their legs. So if you get a guy and a woman who are the same height then the woman's likely to have significantly longer legs.

    Of course that's just generalisation and might not actually apply to you! Good luck finding a pair to fit!
  • Well, i run in shorts (not SHORT shorts, but knee length ones) i have the same problem with tracksuit bottoms, so i just prefer shorts..

    I have a 36" inside leg..
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