Is it my shoes ?

Hi everyone, I recently started back running and I've been absolutely loving it, in fact probably a bit too much and I've pushed myself a bit harder than I should have this week.

On Wednesday night I did my longest run so far I was feeling so good that I took a detour about half way through my normal run which not only made it into a 50 minute run instead of 30-35 minutes but took in some quite big hills.

BUT!! it was also my first run in my new trainers and almost from the start they didn't feel quite right, my right knee felt as if it was being twisted when I ran and by the end of the run I had an ache that ran from the inside of my ankle and up the inside of my calf.

I had a rest day on the Thursday and although my calf still had a slight ache it was in no way what you'd call painfull, so yesterday I ran home from work about 5 miles on the flat and had exactly the same pain but a lot worse.

As soon as I'd had a shower my leg was fine again with no pain at all while I walked my dogs for a few miles.

This morning exactly the same ran about 4 and a bit miles not so bad pain as yesterday but bad enough, then as soon as I'd had a shower and walked about a bit absolutely no pain.

I'm going to go back to my old trainers for my next run and see what happens, I suspect I'm overdoing it slightly and perhaps thats the problem but something is telling me its the new shoes.

Last time I was running which was a while ago I was told I should buy neutral shoes but this time they told me to buy motion control shoes and recommended the New Balance 857 ST which is what I bought.

In the past I've always run in Asics could the fact that in the past I've always run in neutral shoes be the problem ?

Sorry to have gone on so long but up until I bought my new shoes I was really enjoying running again but this week has really dampened my spirits.



  • Hard to say - so go back to the old shoes and don't overdo it - that should rule out the new shoe thing.

    I suspect that its just you overdoing it though. You extended a run by an extra 50%.
  • 857's (motion control) are the new replacement to 854's (stability, but not that far off neutral). NB are really really stoopid for doing this because the NB854's were the best shoes ever.
    But I digress. You may have been sold shoes that the shop person thought were more neutral than they are.
  • Cheers both, I think its the shoes, I went for a nice gentle run in the rain this morning wearing my old trainers and everything was fine.

    It could of course be that whatever I did to my leg by overdoing it has cleared up but I'm pretty sure the trainers had a hand in it, so I guess its find a new sports shop time.


  • Had exactly the same happen to me: used to run in old NB 752s no worries, then when they were knackered and discontinued by NB got some Mizuno Wave-somethings (yellow) and my running was all about the pain until i made myself bin 'em - soooo hard to do when youve just shelled out for new shoes. Good luck on your new shoe quest! :)
  • Have you considered selling the old ones on EBay as lightly used? If you can put what milage you've done in them in the auction then you may get some of your money back.
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