Asics 1080

I got these last week from a spec. running shop - the assistant advised I needed stability on the inner heel (judging from the way I ran).I always wear down the Outer heel of my shoes first though so am a little confused, surely I should have a shoe for underpronation?? i've tried them once on the treadmill& they are fine, if lacking a little bounce, but have a feeling the outer heel will wear away quite quickly... any advice?


  • I know this isn't a Saucony question, but thought you might appreciate an answer from an "insider"!

    Almost (and by that I mean NOT everyone!!) everyone will strike first on the outside of the heel, this is entirely normal, and would explain why you wear down that area of the outsole. This isn't the crucial action.

    The most important thing that the specialist will look for is what you do after you have hit the ground and before you toe-off. Most runners (again, not all!) will roll inwards, which is called pronation. This alone is not a bad thing, but if you pronate too far or too fast, it certainly can be!

    I am guessing that the assistant would have seen that you over-pronate mildly in the rearfoot and suggested the 1080 to help control this.

    Just so I get a suitable plug in for Saucony, we wiull soonbe puting more information relating to buying the right shoes on our website (, so check it regularly for updates! I hope this helps.
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